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Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl Review

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Health Factor: Despite the mixture of vegetables in this dish, the Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl is not a very healthy choice. It has been reported to have over 600 calories. The Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl is also high in fat. It is not the kind of dinner to enjoy if you are on a diet. Eating this restaurant meal on occasion may not be as detrimental to your health as if you had it a few times each month.

Quality: This used to be a great dish when it was first introduced at Applebee’s restaurants. Now, the Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl is a big mess of food thrown together. It contains pieces of breaded chicken that is covered in a tangy orange sauce. The chicken is combined with mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots, crispy noodles and almonds. This entire concoction is served in a large bowl over a bed of rice.

It is difficult to mix everything with the rice without spilling some of the food onto the table. I had to eat this restaurant meal layer by layer to ensure that I would not spill anything and waste my money. The chicken is the most accessible part of an Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl. Rice is the least accessible portion of this restaurant meal since it is in the bottom of the bowl. By the time I get to the rice, it is usually too much to eat because all of the other contents are so filling. The mushrooms and broccoli tend to be very dry in an Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl.

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Taste Test: Most items in the Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl are tasty. The chicken and rice is enjoyable at most Applebee’s locations. The sauce can be a little sticky on the chicken, but that is tolerable. The Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl could do without broccoli if they are intent on keeping this vegetable plain. It has no flavor and could as least use a little seasoning or orange sauce from the chicken.

Price: Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl costs $10.99 at many locations. The price for this restaurant meal is affordable even if you are on a small budget. If you really want to save more money, try sharing one Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl with another person and splitting the cost. The meal is affordable enough for you to be able to eat out without spending a lot of money. If you order a non-alcoholic beverage, your bill may not exceed $16.

Verdict: The Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl is not healthy enough for adults or children to consume on a regular basis. It is a restaurant meal that has a lot of carbohydrates, which may not be ideal for men and women with diabetes. There is enough food in one order to satisfy your appetite. The Applebee’s Orange Chicken Bowl would be better served in a larger bowl that customers can navigate through. If you do not mind dishes that are flooded with a mixture of vegetables and other food, this is a tasty meal.