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A Look at the Different Treatment Options Available for Osteoporosis

Bisphosphonates, Homeopathic Treatment, Spiritual Guidance

Osteoporosis is the thinning of bone mass within the bone, which causes fractures and breaks, and you are wondering what you can do to live with the disease now that you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. There are many ways that you can help yourself fight the disease. A total mind, body and spirit approach have long been considered to be the best way to fight disease, especially in the eastern culture of China. Today many people throughout the world are integrating the eastern culture with the western practice of medicine. However you approach your routine of living with osteoporosis make sure it’s well informed, and it creates a happier and healthier you. Remember you are responsible, and you should always follow advice from the experts in their chosen fields. The following recommendations are just that – recommendations of ways to help you live without pain.

Immediate Action Health Tips

Here are a few handy health tips and actions that can help ward off the effects of the disease, which in turn will help you live better and cope with the disease of osteoporosis.

ü Take the physician recommended daily dose of calcium and vitamin D supplement
ü Exercise according to physician recommendation and personal comfort level
ü Don’t smoke
ü Don’t drink
ü Limit caffeine intake or possibly eliminate
ü Eat a well balanced diet according to your needs

Physician Prescribed Medication for Healthier Bones

If you are a woman that is unable to take any form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) there are certain drugs that can be prescribed to help prevent increased bone loss. However, these drugs are by prescription only, and some do have serious side effects. You will need to talk with your physician and together weigh the benefits and risks. All drugs affect people differently, and dosages can be adjusted to fit your specific health plan. Make sure to report any unexpected side effects, and follow up with your physician. Remember to take all medications as prescribed by your physician.

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ü Bisphosphonates – Inhibits bone breakdown and bone mass increases.
ü Raloxifene – Mimics the effects of estrogen by increasing bone density. Good for women that are unable to take HRT for postmenopausal women.
ü Calcitonin – Reduces bone resorption for women that can’t take estrogen or Bisphosphonates. Prescribed in the form of a nasal spray.
ü Tamoxifen – A breast cancer drug which has estrogen like effects on bone cells in the body.
ü Statins – Given for high cholesterol levels this drug has shown the capacity after extended use of a year to reduce bone loss.

Homeopathic Remedies

The eastern Chinese practice of medicine in the past was often been rejected by physicians and the general public in the west. Misunderstood and contrary to the typical diagnostic practice and view points, it was dismissed out right in many cases as quackery. However, times are changing and some in the medical practice of the west are now looking at the benefits of a homeopathic incorporation of with herbs as beneficial in many ways. Homeopathic treatment must be understood in terms of what it is not, and that is a cure for chronic diseases. The use of homeopathic treatment is only meant to supplement the body’s ability to bring the body into a balanced chemical state to handle illness and fight stress. It is used to help the body as a whole to better fight the disease. For any chronic illness, if you are planning to use a homeopathic treatment, consult an expert in the field of homeopathy with herbs.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Osteoporosis

The use of homeopathic treatment in the fight against osteoporosis can promote stability and healing in conjunction with other prescribed medications. It needs to be understood though that homeopathic treatment will not reverse existing bone loss. Treatment will allow the essential minerals and nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently, and will help heal the body with breaks and fractures of bone. Another added benefit is that it eases aching bones, and allows other medications to ease pain.

Words of Warning and Advice on Homeopathy and Herbs

Understanding that the use of herbs must be mixed correctly, or they can be toxic to the body. If you have a chronic disease make sure you learn how to do this from a reputable source, or you find someone in the field of this specialty that is an expert. In general the use of herbs for the homeopathic treatment of osteoporosis is safe and non toxic to the body. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect homeopathic expert.

ü They will take into account your characteristic symptoms.
ü They will understand your overall physical condition.
ü They will understand they way your body reacts to osteoporosis.

Spiritual Guidance: Outside Homeopathy

Over and over research has indicated that spirituality in a person affected by a chronic illness live longer, and they are also able to handle the effects, and it’s demonstrated in their everyday activities and outlook on life in general. Depression is a common side effect of any chronic disease. Find spiritual guidance in your life, it will help restore balance and hope in coping with osteoporosis. Pick a spiritual path that you truly accept and one that helps you gives you joy for life.

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