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Will Anyone Realize What Orson is Up to on ‘Desperate Housewives’?

Orson is back in Wisteria Lane on “Desperate Housewives.” At first when arrived, he seemed that he could actually care about Bree and want to help her. Of course, it has been revealed that he was the one that witnessed Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette and Susan carrying the body out of the house to bury it. Orson, also, sent Bree the anonymous letters. So, he has been very bad all along, because he just wants Bree for himself. Will Bree or any of the girls work out what he has done or what he is up to? Here are a few ideas on what might happen next.

Will Susan Figure Out the Truth About Orson?

Usually, if Susan does not like what is going on, she will sometimes want to get to the bottom of it for her own piece of mind. Will she be like that about Orson? At present, she has her daughter, Julie, staying with her who is now pregnant. Now that Susan knows who the father is, she might be more concerned with what Julie is going to do about the baby. Perhaps, Susan might notice something strange about Orson and tell the others. Whatever happens, they should all keep an eye on Orson to protect Bree from him!

Will Bree Realize That Orson Sent the Letters?

Bree has probably never considered that Orson has been watching her all along. Who would have thought that Orson had sent those letters to Bree. Perhaps, he will slip up and make a mistake giving Bree reason to have doubts about Orson’s plans for her to move away with him. She might find a clue amongst his things that could make her put the whole thing together. If Bree does find out, what will she do to get away from Orson?

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Will Lynette Discover What Orson is Up to?

Lynette has other things on her mind now like her son getting Julie pregnant, so she may not have time to wonder what is going on with Bree. She will no doubt be shocked when she hears that Bree is moving away with Orson. Will Lynette think this odd and discuss it with Renee. Perhaps, Lynette will get Renee to spy on Bree and Orson. Renee might save Bree once again!

Will Gabrielle Realize That Orson Knows About the Murder?

Gabrielle might notice something strange about Orson. Perhaps, she will guess that Orson knows what they have all done. Orson might say something to Gabrielle about the murder. He might even use it against her to blackmail her and the girls!

Will Renee Guess That Orson Cannot Be Trusted?

Renee is good at making assumptions about men. Will she be able to guess that Orson cannot be trusted? Of course, Orson comes across as a charming gentleman in a wheelchair, but will this make Renee even more suspicious when Bree tells her that she is going to move away with Orson? Let’s hope Renee can save Bree from making a huge mistake!