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What Your Sacramento Zip Code Reveals About You

Even if your zip code is not 90210, potential buyer of your home know a lot about you. Despite what Newman in the popular TV show Seinfield says to his girlfriend that “Zip codes are meaningless”. Zip codes are used by marketers to glean valuable data about you and your neighbors.

ZIP codes have a power and prestige all their own. In the popular television show the popular five digit Zip code, 90210, provides a emotional connection to a lifestyle of the rich and famous. The Zip code and the television series revealed the the “posh, star-studded rich lives of teenagers living in Beverly Hills, California 90210.

Your zip code can determine the selling price of your home. Banks, real estate agents, lending institutions, insurance companies and retailers analyze Zip Code data to determine credit worthiness, income and even the crime rate in your area.

Even if your zip code is not 90210, potential buyer of your home knows a lot about you. Despite what Newman in the popular TV show Seinfield says to his girlfriend that “Zip codes are meaningless”, Zip codes are used by marketers to determine the demographics of you and your neighbors.

The ZIP code is a system used by the United States Postal service (USPS) to deliver mail more efficiently. ZIPis an an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. The basic format of a Zip code consists of five digits.

The Zip Codes assigned to the Natomas area of Sacramento, California shows an interesting blend of the “haves” and the “have-nots” of the area according to MLS zip code data.

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The Metro list Multiple Listing Service shows that in the 95835 Zip code the average household income is $70,000 per year. This area includes the prestigious gated West Lake Development just off Del Paso Blvd.

The Natomas Area of Sacramento has a wide variety of home types including condominiums, single-family homes, and high-rise lofts. But the 95835 zip code is reserved for lthe uxury homes built by JTS, John Laing and US Homes that sit behind the gated community of Westlake. Some of these homes sell for over $1 million dollars.

The Sacramento Kings’ basketball team members breathe the rarefied air in this upscale 95835 development. The ARCO Arena is spitting distance from the prestigious Westlake developments. A lot of traveling business men and women live in the Westlake area because of the availability of these luxurious homes and the proximity to the Sacramento Airport just 5 minutes away.

However, if you check the average household income of the 95834 zip code, just one number less in zip code talk, the household income plummets to less than $52,000 per year.

One frustrated restaurant owner complains, “The 95834 area is a much poorer neighborhood compared to the Elk Grove area or the real Natomas area.. There is no money in this area. People are losing their houses because their house prices piggybacked on the 95835 prices. But people in the 95834 areas do not have the disposable income anymore because the equity has dried up in this area.

Zip Code data is used by retailers to determine the viability of a business. Zip Code data can be used to determine the ethnicity of an area. Insurance companies analyze risk factors like crime rate in the area before pricing your insurance policy. Zip code data provides purchasing-pattern data at points of sales. This data can instantly be entered in a data base to find out whether you are the owner of the credit card being used.

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Point of sale retailers use ZIP codes obtain the full address and telephone number of the consumer. ZIP-codes are used by banks, insurance companies, credit card issuers, etc to determine risk factors. The amount you pay for your car insurance is determined to some extent by your zip code.

Even though a lot of companies claim that they no longer red line communities or individuals, they do in fact red line zip codes. Before you purchase a house remember “location, location, location” is important . But the most important part of your location is the Zip code.