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Western Themed Craft Ideas

Bandana, Clothespin

Western themed craft items are fun and easy to make. The theme provides great objects to work with such as cowboy hats, boots, spurs, bandanas, pistols and sheriff stars. Indian moccasins, feathers, headbands and bow and arrows add other great ideas for western craft objects. Follow these simple instructions to make western themed craft items.

Rubber Band Pistol

Rubber band pistols require a base, a rubber band holder and a trigger. Make simple rubber band gun with a bent ½-inch round twig, clippie clothespin and hot glue. Find a stick that has a bend at one end that will work for the pistol handle. Cut the end of the stick so the handle is three to four inches long. Cut the barrel of the pistol so it is two inches longer than the handle. Hold the stick pistol by the handle and place a horizontal line across the end of the barrel. Slice into the barrel at the mark 1/8-inch. This will hold the rubber band. Place the clippie clothespin on top of the barrel so the wide end faces the back of the gun. Squeeze a line of hot glue along the bottom of the clippie clothespin and press it against the stick. Wrap two rubber bands around the wood of the clippie clothespin and the stick for added support.

Cowboy Hat Centerpiece

Purchase a straw cowboy hat, straw flowers and a red bandana. Lay the bandana in a diamond shape on a flat surface. Roll the bandana from the bottom point across to the top point to make a long tube. Tie the tube around the straw cowboy hat as a hatband. Insert straw flowers into the bandana. Use the cowboy hat as a centerpiece. Add a bandana underneath with a few cowboy shaped confetti items to add more western flair.

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Boot Flowers

Find and purchase an old pair of cowboy boots from a local thrift shop or Goodwill store. Spray disinfectant inside the boot. Apply saddle soap to the outside of the boot to give it a shine. Insert a piece of floral foam into the shaft of the boot. Use the floral foam to make an arrangement from dry or artificial flowers. Add a floral pick with a sheriff’s star. An alternative to saddle soaping the exterior of the boot is to use a layer of brush on acrylic sealer.

Sock Hobby Horse

Purchase a pair of monkey socks. Stuff one monkey sock to two inches of the neck end. Insert a 1-inch dowel into the stuffing up the shaft of the sock six to eight inches. Use a heavy rubber band and secure the neck of the sock to the shaft. Tie a bandana around the neck of the horse. Draw or sew eyes, nose and mouth to the face of the horse. Use dried milkweed pods for the ears. Attach the ears with a darning needle and quilting thread. Thread a darning needle with black yarn. Create the mane of the horse with the yarn. Pull eight inches of yarn through the sock in the mane area. Cut the thread eight inches away from the other side of the head. Tie the two ends together with a double knot. Repeat the process until the main is the desired length.