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Western Theme Party Costume Ideas

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A western theme is a great idea for any party. Western themed weddings continue to be popular, as do family reunions, employee appreciation parties and even birthday celebrations with this topic. Dressing for a western theme party is not only fun, but also inexpensive and easy to pull off, when you know some of the basics.

When dressing up for a western theme party, you want to invoke the spirit of the Wild West. What is great about creating a western costume is that you probably already own several items that you can use. Throw on a pair of blue jeans, Levi’s or Wranglers (creased down the middle) are the most authentic choices, the more worn out, dusty and holey the better. If you own a pair of boots, dirty them up a bit and you are already halfway there.

If you are going to a western theme party and want to look the part, you should either look like you just jumped down off a horse or you are about to walk onstage at the Grand Ole Opry. While both types of costume have similar aspects, one lets you dress in a more rough and tumble manner, while the other gives you the chance to get a little gussied up. To look like a western star, start with a wig – big, teased and exaggerated for a female or slicked back and short for a male.

A cowboy hat, either old and worn or brand spanking new, is an essential component. Shirts can be as simple as a long sleeve, button-up plaid shirt or be loaded with rhinestones, glitter and fringe if you are aiming for the western diva look. Stitch or glue a length of fringed fabric down the entire back of each sleeve. Add another length horizontally around the shirt, at about mid-chest level. To really boost your diva status, get a pair of jeans in the same color as your top and attach fringe down both outer seams.

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A sheer scarf with rhinestone or sequined trim tied around your neck will enhance your western diva appearance. You can wear a bandana folded diagonally and tied at the back of your neck. Another western effect is to wear chaps over your jeans. To make a pair, find some black, brown or tan pants that are a bit larger than your jeans. Cut out the seat area and put them on over your blue jeans. Add fringe for more effect.

Be a rodeo rider. Paint a large box white or brown. Paint a smaller box to look like a bull’s head and attach it to the large box. Cut a hole through the large box big enough to step into and pull over your waist. Stuff a pair of jeans and attach a pair of boots into the pant legs. Attach the jeans over the bull’s body so that it looks as though you are riding the bull. Use a pair of suspenders under your shirt to hang the bull onto your body.