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Trouble Sleeping? My Technique for Falling Asleep

How to Fall Asleep, Trouble Sleeping

Do you have trouble sleeping? Is there nights where you have a lot on your mind, and you just simply cannot fall asleep? Well, I bet that each and every one of you have had AT LEAST one night where hours passed, but you were still awake. I’ve had a lot of those nights, and I’ve tried different things; some techniques worked, some didn’t. Having done all my research, I have come up with one technique that helps me fall asleep all the time.

Step One – Relaxing
The first thing you want to do is lay down on your bed, comfortable and relaxed. Lay on your back, looking up to the ceiling. Spread all your body parts apart from each other, so that they don’t have any physical contact; legs, arms, and fingers.

Step TwoErasing the Thoughts
Now that you are relaxed, you want to clear up your mind. To do that, I took different techniques and combined them together. Start by breathing deeply. Take a deep breath, and then breathe out. Now begin to visualize the way the air enters the body when you breathe in, and how it exits your body when you breathe out. So simply, take a deep breath, picture air going into your mouth, into your lungs, then breathe out, and picture the air leave your lungs (Visualize it as detailed as possible). When you get the hang of it, you are ready to add another step to it. At this point, begin to count down from 50 to 0. When you breathe in, while thinking about how the air enters into your lungs, you count one number down. Continue this until you reach zero. And when you do, keep breathing; don’t stop!

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Step Three – The Power of the Brain
Once you have done Step Two, you are ready for the next step. You should feel relaxed. This next step is kind of extreme, but in the end it’s worth it. Start to think only of your feet. Think of what your feet do for you. You ask – What is the point? The point is to get your feet tense by just thinking of them. Don’t actually move them around or anything, just Think of them. What works well is if you think of things that could hurt your feet. Think of someone stepping on your feet really hard; think of a 200 pound weight dropping down on top of your feet; or a car running over your feet; think of anything that will cause pain to your feet. Yes, I know it’s kind of extreme, and it might even seem a little weird to some of you. But if you do it, you will slowly begin to feel as if your feet are getting intense. If they do, start to move up to the next body part, which is your Calves. Do the same procedure! Think of Pain! After the Calves, the Thighs, then the Fingers. Visualize your hands getting stuck in a door or something like that. Next, your Forearms, then your Biceps, Triceps, and your Arms in general. Next Shoulders, then move down to your Stomach, and work your way up. Abdominals, Chest, Back, Neck, and then the final body part, The Face. When you have thought of every single body part, one by one, you should now feel like your body wants to explode or just really intense. Keep your body in that state for a minute or two. Do Not let go of the tension.

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Step Four– Final Step
After completing the three steps, repeat the first step once again – while your body is still in the state of wanting to explode. Breathe in and out, and count down. And yes, when you have done that, you can finally… relax, let go of everything, but Do Not move! Lay in the same position you started off with. You should feel really good at this point. I cannot describe the feeling, but if you did it right, you will know what I mean.

Now at this point, close your eyes and think of what you just did. You should fall asleep in no time. Basically, the technique you just did was a combination of different ways to meditate. Meditation is powerful, and it works. This technique is my own, and it does work if you focus and concentrate.

Let me know if you it worked for you!