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Top Ten Romantic Movies to Watch This Fall

What better way to bring romance into the evening than to watch a romantic movie. Notice I never said it had to be with anyone. You could watch it by yourself!

Romantic movies can make us feel better, and also make us feel sad. It all depends on your viewpoint. If you were just dumped in a relationship, then maybe it will make you sad to watch a romantic movie. If you’re feeling lucky in love or are looking for love, the romantic movie may make you happy.

Any way you look at it, we search for the romantic movie. Perhaps it’s more the girls than the guys, but the guys may end up having to watch one sometimes to make the girl happy.

So, I’ve compiled the top ten romantic movies to watch this fall. Yes, they really are romantic!

1. I put Last of the Mohicans on top. This movie captures the heart and soul of romance. Anyone lucky enough to have a man (or woman) go across the country to find them after they’re separated, well, that’s just romantic. I always hoped for that type of romance where one would travel to the ends of the earth to be with the other.

2. Far and Away. The friction between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in this movie is unbelievable. This makes it so romantic when they finally get together and express their feelings (that we knew were there all the time.) They go across the world together, to start a new life for themselves. Sometimes, the romance comes in the challenge that is faced between two people or with two people!

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3. When Harry Met Sally. This is the true romantic movie of all time. Harry and Sally start out as friends? They don’t even like each other. But what is more romantic than Harry realizing that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Sally, and that he loves everything about her, even her dessert choices in diners (“I’ll have the apple pie, with whipped cream on top, unless you don’t have it, and then ice cream on the side, and if you don’t have that, then nothing…,” or something like that.) I tend to be picky and particular, so would love for someone to be able to deal with my peculiarities.

4. Titanic. I don’t think I could get through this movie without crying. He professes his undying love for her, but wants her to go on- live to have a family and a wonderful life, etc. It is so romantic that Leonardo wants Kate to be safe, and makes sure she gets on top of the bedpost in the water to live, even though it means he will die. I have to say, though, that although it wouldn’t have been as romantic, I just wish he could have kept trying to get up onto the bedpost with her, so he could have lived too. There must have been some way to make it work!

This movie is also romantic because they both save each other! She was depressed and was going to kill herself, and he had really never had anything meaningful before, but now found meaning in his love for her.

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5. Jerry Maguire. I don’t think anyone will disagree with my putting this movie on the list! Jerry Maguire has heart and soul, and believes in himself enough to go out and start his own company (of course, after that memo he put out, he didn’t have much choice!) The reason this is so romantic is that he realizes at the end that without her, he is nothing. She completes him.

6. The Prince and Me. I actually just watched this one today, believe it or not. I was completely taken aback. In this movie, a regular college girl from Wisconsin is approached by the Prince of Denmark, who is an exchange student at her college. They fall for each other, and decide to get married. This will make her the Queen eventually! But, she still has her own dreams, so has to leave. He can’t leave- because he is about to become the King! I never, ever, ever expected for him to show up back in America, and tell her he was going to find some way to make this work! How beautifully romantic!

7. Sweet November. This movie, which is about November (in the fall!) is very romantic, because Keanu Reeves is willing to do whatever it takes to be with Charlize, even though she is going to die. He loves her beyond words! I just wish she wouldn’t have been so stubborn, and let him stick around until the end.

8. Autumn in New York. This is an appropriately fitting movie for romantic movies to watch this fall! Plus, it’s situated inNew York, which adds to the romance! It’s about another girl who is going to die, and has someone fall in love with them. However, this time, after an affair and a makeup, the guy sticks around through the illness. This is pretty romantic!

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9. English Patient. This movie has deceit in it, but nonetheless it has found a way to embrace romance. The story is one of true heartbreak, as lives are lost due to a marital affair. However, there is a side love story between the nurse and a soldier that brings even more to the table.

10. Pretty Woman. What is romantic about this movie is that despite their backgrounds, they are able to bridge the gap and fall in love. What is even more romantic is that the love changes Richard Gere for the better. Instead of continuing to tear apart companies and sell them for their parts, he decides to help a struggling company, and to build airplanes.

Do you agree with my choices?