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Top Ten Gifts for Sushi Lovers

California Roll, Chopsticks, Raw Fish, Sushi

Whether you are a fan of sushi or not, everyone knows at least one person in their life who is a sushi fanatic. Sushi is becoming so popular that you can find it on almost anything. Here are some top ten gifts any sushi lover would love and that will not run you dry on money.

Chocolate/Candy Sushi: Although these sushis do not contain any rice or raw fish, they look equally scrumptious. If the sushi lover of your life loves sweets as much as they adore raw fish, then this will be the perfect gift for them. The sites Chocolate Sushi and Koo-ki Sushi offer chocolate and candy sushi, but the price is a bit steep for some. You can always try to make your own using various candies.

Sushi Apparel:
You are what you eat, so why not dress like it. Sushi apparel can fit almost anyone on your gift list. For someone you do not know so well or someone you know too well. For those who you do not know that well or are more conservative, Cafepress offers many sushi designs for tee shirts and sweatshirts. These designs also come in male, female, and unisex. For the sushi lovers you know a little better, Cafépress also offers cute sushi women’s underwear designs. Amazon.com also offers a sushi print boxer that will keep your lover spicier than a tuna roll.

Proud Sushi Parents: It is not enough to show your love of sushi through your own clothing. A true sushi fan needs to adorn their children in California rolls and soy sauce. Emmy and Ally are a specialized baby store that sells the most adorable spicy tuna onesie. Two Etsy crafters make sushi inspired baby blankets and bibs. Raise the kids early on sushi.

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Chopsticks: Chopsticks sound a bit stereotypical for a sushi lover. However, everyone could use a beautiful set of chopsticks. Instead of the cheap sticks that come in a paper, invest in hand carved chopsticks made from pretty woods or beautiful stone chopsticks made from jade and ivory. To make it even more personal, get the recipient’s initials engraved in the chopsticks.

While I cannot assure you that you will be the only one with the cute “Sashimi Hottie” tee shirt, I can assure you that not many people will be walking around with sushi roll earrings and necklaces. Some different Etsy crafters handmade some unique sushi jewelry pieces that are sure to wow the ladies on your list.

Soap and Candles:
Light up the life of the sushi lover on your list with cute sushi candles. Another cute gift is soap that is shaped like sushi. These gifts would be great for those you work with or other new acquaintances on your list.

Sushi Pillows:
Anybody who loves sushi will be sure to squeal in delight after receiving a sushi shaped pillow. Not only are they creative and unique, they offer a lot of comfort as well. The original sushi pillows made by Cindy and Mel were also f
featured in the Grammy’s Award Baskets.

Sushi Making Kit:
The best gift to give is the gift of learning. In this case, if you give a man California roll, he is fed for a day, but if you teach him how to make a California roll, he will be fed for a life time. There are many sushi kits available. One that looked appealing was on Cooking. com. It includes everything except the raw fish for restaurant quality sushi rolls. It is also a reasonable price for something that looks expensive.

Writing Utensils:
When sushi lovers are not using their hands to cling chopsticks together, they could use sushi inspired pens and erasers. The only problem with this gift is that they would always be hungry when they write.

Give your sushi lover some new ideas with these sushi cookbooks. If they do not know how to make sushi, then a book could be beneficial in teaching them. If they do know how to make it, then there are some other books to aid their creativity in different rolls. Colorful books also make great coffee table books.

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I hope these gifts have inspired you to give a gift that is unique and fun. These gifts would be appreciated not by just sushi lovers, but also those who love Asian-inspired items, or those who would like to try or learn something new.