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Top Soccer Bars in Chicago

Cheap Beer, Foosball, Naperville

A neighborhood bar is a fantastic place to go for an assortment of different activities. Cheap beer and the opportunity to play games, listen to music, sing songs, or watch a sporting event is all part of the draw of a fun night or day out at the pub. When it comes to having fun at the start of the new fall season, it doesn’t get much better than going out to the bar to watch a soccer game. In Chicago there are many options for a day of soccer watching, whether you are looking for a new place, or the comfort of an old one.

One such place is Ginger’s Ale House. Ginger’s is a good sized bar where over two dozen televisions play a host of soccer games. Important matches will draw a good amount of Chicago patrons looking for a good game and generous portions of food. This Chicago bar has plenty of distractions for people during the halftime intermission. Dartboards and pool tables are dispersed throughout, and cheap beer will flow until the game is over or the money runs out. Ginger’s Ale house is located at 3801 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL, 60613.

The Globe bar in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago is an easygoing, fun place to enjoy a soccer game. They show any kind of Scottish League, Premier League, England or Scotland international, or any major tournament game. If cheap beer and friendly staff is your thing, then the Globe has got it. The crowd ranges from college students to hard core football loving ex-pats. The art of playing and watching a soccer game is not lost on the crowd at the Globe. The food comes in the form of hearty servings of English and Scottish grub The Globe pub is located at 1934 West Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL, 60613.

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If you are looking for more of a suburban feel, Dog and Duck Inn, in St. Charles, might be the place for you. There aren’t a lot of frills in the old-fashioned English pub, outside of a few televisions and a foosball table, but the atmosphere for soccer watching is top notch. While the bar’s design is sparse, the beer is served in a wide variety and at a good cost. You can find beers here that you won’t find in too many other bars, especially not in the suburbs. The Dog and Duck Inn is located at 16 S 1ST Ave, St Charles, IL 60174.

My favorite suburban bar for a good game of soccer is Quigley’s Irish Pub, in Naperville. Quigley’s soccer coverage is a relatively new thing, but it has become more of a staple at the west suburban bar since the new season has started. The fun isn’t hard to come by at a Saturday morning game at Quigley’s. Early morning sausage and bacon sandwiches are served up by their friendly and soccer knowledgeable staff, while the games play in three separate rooms, allowing fans from many different teams to enjoy a game at the same time. You might want to watch your money here, because while the prices are cheap, you may just get sucked in on game day and not leave this bar until the sun goes down. Quigley’s is located at 43 E. Jefferson St. Naperville, IL, 60540.