Just like every other popular workout, there are DVDs that you can buy if you like spinning. Some of these are really great DVDs and can be tranquil and soothing as well. If you’re looking for a new spinning DVD, here’s the best ones to get.
Oceanside Ride Virtual Cycling DVD. This spinning DVD is really great because it comes with different segments and ability sequences for all levels of spinners. You can chose to do this DVD at a recovery level steady state or a time trail steady state. You have three coaches to choose from, depending upon your desired difficulty level. It consists of three segments, the first of which you’re just riding along the ocean, getting in the mood, and warming up. The next two increase you for a great spinning workout. You can get this spinning DVD online at www.cyclingfusion.myshopify.com for $30.

Maui Rollers Virtual Cycling DVD. This is another DVD that comes with three different coaches and different levels of difficulty as well. What’s great about these DVDs that include three different coaches and different difficulty levels is that you have a much broader combination of workouts that just one standard DVD. Trust me, these are the best spinning DVDs out there. This one features rolling hills and speed. It’s much more of an upbeat spinning DVD and sure to give you a great workout. You can get this one online at www.cyclingfusion.myspopify.com as well for $30.

Wildflower Mountain Biking for Women. This is an excellent DVD for beginners but still good for advanced users too. Plus, this DVD includes great skills such as body position, ascending, descending, clearing obstacles, cornering, and slow speed riding. It will truly get you ready to tackle that mountain. Plus, it also includes a bonus feature about safety, fitness, and bike care. You can get this awesome spinning DVD online at www.cyclingdvds.com for $16.99.

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Cheese Factory DVD. This DVD takes you through the Cheese Factory in Marin County California. This DVD allows you to set different difficulty levels and choose the length of your ride. You can choose between fifteen, thirty, forty, and sixty minute rides. Plus, it gives you the option to listen to natural music sounds to further enhance your experience. You can get this spinning DVD online as well at www.americasbestbikerides.com for $19.95.

Mindy Mylrea: Cycle Challenge. This is a really great spinning DVD led by master instructor Mindy Mylrea. It’s ideal for all fitness levels and trains you in cueing form and intensity while challenging you as well. Plus, it’s very clear and concise making it easier to learn and master. You can get this spinning DVD online at www.fitnessfly.com for $19.99.

Those are the top five spinning DVDs on the market. All of them are sure to give you a great spinning workout and teach you a few things as well. Plus, they’re all fun too.