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Top Five Lego Backpacks for Young Boys

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It’s that time of year again and kids everywhere are getting ready to go back to school. One of the highlights of getting ready for the first day of school is backpack shopping. Backpacks are essential items for most kids who use them to carry books, homework and lunch bags back and forth from school. Choosing the right backpack can often be a time consuming process as kids go from store to store looking for just the right backpack to express their personal style. Typically younger children choose backpacks based on a favorite character or activity.

One such activity that young boys might choose a backpack based on is Legos. This popular building block has branched out beyond being just a children’s toy and you can now buy Lego video games, clothing, DVDs and yes, even backpacks. There is a wide range of choices in the Lego backpack line and children can choose Lego backpack themes such as sports, superheros, occupations and dinosaurs. To help busy parent’s who don’t have time to go from store to store looking for the perfect Lego backpack for their young Lego maniac here is a list of my top five Lego backpacks including a brief description, prices and where you can purchase each Lego backpack.

Top Five Lego Backpacks For Young Boys

1. Lego Construction Theme Backpack and Lunch Bag Combo

For the boy who loves building tall structures and dreams of wearing a hardhat the Lego construction theme backpack with bonus lunch bag is a great choice. This bright yellow Lego backpack features Lego construction workers at a construction site. The backpack features adjustable padded shoulder straps, a roomy main compartment, front zipper pocket and two side water pockets. The bonus lunch boxes attaches to the front of the backpack and has an insulated main compartment and front slip compartment. The Lego Construction theme backpack is available online at www.walmart.com and retails for $36.00.

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2. Lego Skeleton Jr. Pre-K Backpack

Skeletons are a popular character for some boys. The Lego Skeleton themed Jr. Pre-K backpack is designed for boys who need a little smaller size backpack. This cool lego back pack is black with red reflective piping and features a large skeleton Lego man on the front. It has a large main and front compartment and is PVC free. There are also attachment buckles for the coordinating insulated lunch bag which can be purchased separately. The Lego Skeleton Jr. Pre-K backpack is available online from www.walmart.com and retails for $35.20. The coordinating lunch bag retails for $14.40 and is also available from the Walmart website.

3. Lego Star Wars Themed Full size Backpack

Star Wars is a popular theme with many boys. This great Lego backpack combines Star Wars figures with Legos for a backpack any Star Wars and Lego fan will love. This Lego backpack is a full size backpack and features all of the main Star Wars Lego people on its bright red front. This backpack has wide adjustable straps, zippered construction and is made of durable material that can withstand even the most intense space missions. You can purchase a Lego Star Wars themed backpack online from Amazon www.amazon.com for $ 19.99

4. Lego Race Car Themed Wheeled Backpack

For the Lego race car enthusiast Lego has a race car themed rolling backpack. This is one of the more expensive school backpacks in the Lego line. It features a red Lego race car and flames on a bright yellow background with the word speed written across the front. The entire backpack is reflective which make it easier to see. The trolley and wheel system make it easy to transport heavy items and it includes adjustable straps that tuck out of the way when not being worn on a child’s back. You can purchase a Lego Race Car themed wheeled backpack online from Toysrus www.toysrus.com. It retails for $ 88.90.

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5. Lego Space Themed School Backpack

For the boy whose interested in outer space Lego has a space themed backpack. This black Lego backpack features a large Lego astronaut, rocket ship and planet on the front of the pack. The entire backpack is reflective which makes for greater visibility. The padded shoulder straps and adjustable sternum strap make wearing this backpack comfortable and safe. It also has over sized zipper pulls which make opening and closing this backpack a breeze for small hands. You can purchase a Lego Space themed backpack online from Toysrus www.toysrus.com for $29.99.

These are just five of the Lego backpack choices available for young boys there are several other Lego themes available online and in stores.


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