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Top Club Songs of 2010

David Guetta, Flo Rida

Whether you are going to request a song at the club or host a party where you want the beats bumpin’, it helps to know what the “in” club songs are. Here are the most popular dancing songs of 2010.

“Body Shots” Kaci Battaglia (feat. Ludacris) – This is one of those songs that just make you want to drink and grind. It was released in mid-August, so it’s not very popular yet, though it is number 4 on the billboards. The music video is full of girls licking each other, so I’m sure it will blow up in popularity soon.

“Break Your Heart” Taio Cruz (feat. Ludacris) – From Taio Cruz’ second album, this song is featured as the main single. It was released in the UK at the end of 2009, but it wasn’t until early 2010 that it was released in the United States. Even though it has a slightly generic tone to it, it is still catchy and able to get clubbers dancing.

“I Like It” Enrique Iglesias (feat. Pitbull) – It’s hard to resist this Spanish singer’s good looks, however this probably isn’t his best song in terms of vocals. But it did reach the top five on the billboards, the first time in about 8 years (since his song “Hero”). Pitbull is a very popular featured artist this year, but if you don’t like him, you can find an Internation version of this song with only Enrique.

“Tik Tok” Ke$ha – Even though this song was released in August of 2009, it remained popular through the majority of 2010. It was (and is) extremely overplayed everywhere, yet when it came on in the clubs, people were dancing.

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“OMG” Usher (feat. will.i.am) – With Usher’s sexy r&b; voice and dancing skills, it’s easy to see why this song has made it to the top of the charts. Even though critics dissapproved of the use of auto-tones, club goers love the song.

“Shut it down” Pitbull (feat. Akon) – Released at the end of 2009, this song only managed to make it to #42 on the US Hot 100 billboards. But it is a song that manages to be played regularly at clubs throughout 2010.

“RIght Round” Flo Rida – This song received mostly negative feedback from critics, almost all of them claiming the song to be empty, insulting to the original “You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive, and cheesy. Even though it was released in early 2009 and had to push past all the negative comments, it has remained a popular club song.

“Shots” Lmfao (feat. Lil Jon) – Just like the title suggests, this song is all about taking alcoholic shots. Perfect for bars and clubs. This album was released in mid 2009, but the song “Shots” was it’s 3rd single, so it took a couple months for this song to reach popularity. This song is still popular, encouraging people to take shots all through the rest of 2009 and 2010.

“Imma Be” Black Eyed Peas The album with this song was released in mid June 2009. After “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow” made their rounds of popularity, “Imma be” came in. This song seemed to mash with the club scene even more.

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“One (your name)” Swedish House Mafia (feat. Pharrell) – This song was originally without the vocals, but at the end of July, Pharrell contributed his vocals and it was released in the UK. It is number 1 in the Netherlands, number 2 in Belgium, and almost as high in other countries. It hasn’t reached a very high popularity rank in the United States yet, but it is definately rising, and with good reason.

“Patron Tequila” Paradiso Girls (feat. Lil Jon) – Another mid 2009 song, it stayed up in popularity through the rest of the year and the beginning of 2010, thanks to the alcohol and sexual content. The video is similiar to a partied-up version of a Pussicat Dolls video.

“Take it Off” Ke$ha – This song was the 4th oficial single from this album, and was released as such in July, even though it had charted in the US before then. It is made for the dance floor with the message of being carefree and having fun.

“Krazy” Pitbull (feat. Lil Jon) – This is another 2009 song, and it is still going strong. The YouTube video has over 30 million views and contains cameo appearences by Lmfao and Fat Joe.

“Club Can’t Handle Me” Flo Rida (feat. David Guetta) – With Flo Rida’s party lyrics and David Guetta’s club beats, this song quickly topped charts worldwide. It was released on Flo Rida’s website at the beggining of June and was available for download on ITunes by the end of the month.

“DJ Got us Falling in Love” Usher (feat. Pitbull) – “DJ got us Falling in Love” only came out in July and is already a top-ten song around the world. The infectious chorus really works to Usher’s advantage in being a catchy, thumping club song. Plus, with Pibull’s spin, it really comes together.

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“How Low” Ludacris – After being released near the end of 2009, this song quickly rised on the radio. In the being of 2010, the song fizzled out in popularity, but is still played in the clubs and it is hard to resist dancing to.

“Alcoholic” DJ Laz and Pitbull – “I’m not an alcoholic, I just drink a lot”. It’s hard to not want to drink or at least dance in the club when this song comes on. Pitbull knows how to bust out the dancing songs.