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Top Birthday Gift Ideas for a Child’s First Birthday: $10-$50

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A child’s first birthday is cause for much celebrations. Family and friends gather together for baby;s first birthday party, to remark on how the child has grown. Party goers also tend to lavish the one-year-old with birthday gifts at a first birthday party.

If you will be attending a first birthday party for a baby, you may need some birthday gift ideas.

Here are some basic tips for buying a birthday gift for a one-year-old:

1. If the parent’s are having a formal party and have registered, check the registry list for gift ideas. This eliminates duplicates and helps you buy a more personalized gift.

2. Do not purchase toys or items made for an infant or newborn. A one-year-old child has grown past certain infant toys, and is developing rapidly. Read the box or packaging to find the recommended age.

3. Do not purchase toys or games for children three and up when the birthday gift is for one-year-old. Many toys labeled for children three and up could contain parts that pose a choking hazard to the one-year-old.

4. Do purchase age-appropriate gifts, including any gifts labeled 12+ months or 18+ months. For a baby and his or her parents, 6 months is not that far down the road.

Use this gift buying guide to make your gift shopping a little easier.

Top Birthday Gift Ideas for a Child’s First Birthday

$10 and Under

For children who are buying a present for a one-year-old friend or relative, there are some inexpensive gift ideas for the child.

Ten dollars and under will buy a lot of neat toys. A child or an adult can buy a one-year-old boy or one-year old girl a fun pushable Corn Popper by Fisher-Price, Linking Letters by Sassy, or one of these other gifts for under $10 that are great for either a boy or a girl turning one.

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$20 and Under

A perfectly acceptable amount to spend on a gift for a one-year-old is $20. For $20 and under the 12-month-old boy or birthday girl could received a Playskool’s 2-in-One Ride-On and Walker Toy, to encourage walking and coordination.

Or $20 and under will buy the Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set by Leap Frog.

$30 and Under

A close friend, an aunt, or a godparent may want to spend a bit more money for a present for a child’s party. If your birthday gift buying budget allows for more buying power, there are also plenty of gifts for under $30.

Select from any number of electronic toys under $30, including the Laugh & Learn: Musical Learning Chair by Fisher-Price, or the Playful Pals Piano by iPlay

$50 and Under

Grandparents and anyone else who wants to spoil the one-year-old also has a quite a selection from which to choose a gift. Purchase a personalized Elmo Knows Your Name Plush Doll by Fisher-Price, or the super fun VTech Smartville Alphabet Train Station.

Click on the links to read the full list of top toys in each price range. Good luck and have fun at the birthday party.