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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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Are you searching for the perfect gift for all your garden buddies? Look no further. Here are 10 gift ideas for gardeners to help get you started.

Green Thumb Gift Basket. Whether it’s for the novice or the well-seasoned gardener, this gift will satisfy the green thumb of every gardener. Don’t worry about spending a fortune either; these baskets are easy to make yourself. Simply find a basket, perhaps a wire hanging basket, a harvesting basket, or even a galvanized bucket for smaller gifts. Fill your chosen basket with everything a gardener needs, from small garden accessories and books to potting soil and seeds. The great thing about putting together gift baskets is that you get to personalize them to fit the individual receiving it. Try creating a theme-based basket to complement the gardener’s specific gardening style.

Garden Plants. What gardener doesn’t appreciate the gift of plants? This is probably one of the most commonly given, yet, it is one that will leave a lasting impression. While traditional plants like amaryllis, poinsettia, kalanchoe, and roses are always great choices, you can also opt for plants that are considered more favorable to the recipient’s region or better yet, try choosing their favorites. Dress them up in decorative or festive pots and add a bow.

Garden Tote. This is always a handy item for gardeners as well as a much appreciated one. Garden totes make it easier for gardeners to carry things, especially when pruning or planting. As a bonus, this tote can be filled with garden goodies. For example, side pockets can be filled with small garden tools such as a trowel, garden fork, pruning shears, and bulb planter. Other items that fill pockets easily are gardening gloves, hand lotion, seed packets and bulbs. Put the largest ‘gift’ in the tote bag itself, for instance, a pair of gardening footwear or even a nice garden ornament.

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Containers. Gardeners can always use containers of varying sizes. These can be purchased relatively cheap with exception to the fancier styles. However, you can easily decorate your own rather than spending money on the more extravagant ones. Terra-cotta pots as well as plastic ones can be painted with interesting designs or garden-related scenes. Alternatively, you could cover the containers with mosaic tiles. Even something outside of the norm, such as a pair of rubber boots, can be used. Just be sure to add some drainage holes.

Garden in a Bag. This is the perfect gift to give one gardener from another. Any bag will do, be it a leaf bag for use later in the season or an attractive gift bag or paper sack. The contents of your garden bag should include a garden. Create a small thematic garden design on paper, making sure everything is color coded and easy to follow. Supply a list of the plants needed to complete the design as well as any instructions for their care. Roll it up and tie a ribbon around it. Include all of the necessary seed packets and bulbs along with labels. Add a small watering can and a few garden accessories that fit the theme. Don’t forget to include a theme-related planting calendar marking the specific planting time of the garden.

Garden-related Literature. All gardeners can benefit from a good read. Choose from a variety of gardening books and other publications aimed at the gardener’s individual tastes. For instance, if the recipient is somewhat new to gardening, a book that introduces the basics as well as one that provides an encyclopedia of plants may be a good choice. Likewise, you could get some publications from the recipient’s local Extension Office with information pertaining to the types of plants best suited to that area and how to care for them. For the seasoned gardener, try choosing something that fits his/her unique gardening style. You can also include an attractive garden journal and stationery (pens included). Stack them up and tie it all together with ribbon and a fancy bow.

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Garden Stocking. Much like a garden tote or gift basket, this too can be filled with a variety of garden goodies. Find a stocking large enough to hold its contents. If you’re feeling creative, decorate the outside of the stocking. Suitable stocking stuffers for this gift might include hand cream and lotion, gloves, plant food, labels, a pair of pruners with a honing stone, bulbs and seed packets, small herb pots, etc. Don’t forget to add either a garden magazine subscription or gift certificate from a plant nursery or garden store (be sure to include a catalog for any store outside recipient’s state).

Garden Accessories. From wind chimes and fountains to birdbaths and stepping stones, there are numerous garden accessories to suit any gardener. Some items you may not have thought of, but also useful, might include a garden hose, small lightweight trellis, and subtle outdoor lighting in the form of stringed lights, lanterns, or candles.

Boxed Theme Gifts. Whatever the theme, there’s a gardener to go with it. For example, the wildlife gardener will enjoy endless hours of pleasure from a birding theme box. Choose a box large enough to accommodate its contents and decorate it, if desired. For this theme, include a bird feeder with birdseed, a small birdhouse, and a bird guidebook. You could also include seeds for bird-loving favorites like sunflowers. Another boxed theme could be designed for the kitchen gardener. Fill the box with small pots, a watering can, potting soil, and a variety of herb or vegetable seeds. Include easy recipes that use these chosen plants.

Humorous, Albeit, Useful Garden Gag Gift. Bring holiday cheer to your garden recipient with humorous gifts. While there are numerous garden-related knick-knacks to choose from, why not dare to be different. Give the gift of fertilizer with a bag of horse manure or even compost. Not only will this gift bring about a room full of smiles, but it can also be applied to the garden or compost pile so it’s sure not to go to waste!