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The Best Electrolysis Places in Charlotte

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Since practically the beginning of time women were adamant about getting rid of unwanted hair. Over the years, men have joined the crusade to eliminate hair on certain parts of their bodies. It hasn’t always been easy, though. Harsh razors, stinging creams – only to have it grow right back.

Hair electrolysis is all the rage now; imagine getting rid of unwanted hair with no pain, creams or shaving! Many places are offering hair removal services now, including beauty salons and physician’s offices. In Charlotte, NC you have many choices when it comes to electrolysis services. This is a guide to direct you to some of them:

Electrolysis By Margaret, Inc is one place that you can get rid of unwanted hair. Located on Mockingbird Lane the clinic uses the latest technology and offers services to men or women. Nearby there’s a café, hair salons, and other useful shops. Call for appointment at 704-522-7878.

Many hair removal businesses are small shops with the owner and an associate or two. Electrolysis By Lisa is one of these places. Located on Park Road the small shop is homey and welcoming. The owner is friendly and offers the best choices in hair removal. Call for appointment at 704-522-8028.

Leda Day Spa & Salon is a quaint little place located on Monroe Road. Besides offering the latest in electrolysis the shop is close to a nail clinic, hair salon, antique shop, diners, and more. It’s easy to get an appointment at Leda’s and you’ll be impressed with the work they do. Call for appointment at 704-567-7546.

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Brenda J Houck, located on Randolph Road, is another small but adequate electrolysis center. Appointments are fairly easy to get and the prices there are reasonable. Nearby there are doctors’ offices, eateries, hair salons, and other shops. Call for appointment at 704-332-5721.

About Face & Body is located on Sharon Amity Road and offers the typical electrolysis and other hair removal methods. It’s a nice little place that’s quiet and welcoming. Nearby are shops, eateries, doctors’ offices and other shops. Call for appointment at 704-367-4353.

Linda’s Skin Care Electrolysis is an established business where the customer is treated exceptionally well. Located on New Hope Road in Gastonia, a few miles from Charlotte, the clinic does terrific work. Call at 704-824-4500.

Charlotte Electrolysis on Roberta Rd is slightly farther out than some of the other places but they provide great services, on-time appointments, and they’re easy to find. There’s a nearby dry cleaner, drug store, hair salon, pet store and even a laundry mart, in case you have time to spare before your appointment. Call 704-454-5111.

Go online to find the electrolysis clinic nearest you, in Charlotte, or have a drive, do some shopping then stop in at one of these recommended sites. You’ll love the customer service and prices at any of these places.