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Ten Top Summer Flip Flops

Flip, Flip Flops, Vera Bradley

Summer is upon us and if you’re looking for ways to cool down, then start with your feet. Wearing flip flops gives your feet lots of room to breath plus they are easy for slipping on and off at the beach or pool. There are a lot of flip flops on the market and it can be difficult to decide what pair is right for you. You can buy flip flops from the dollar store but you’ll probably get dollar store quality so opt for something that costs higher at a different store. This article will go over the ten best summer flip flops for women to wear this year.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #1: Rudy Summer Time

My Diva’s Closet offers totally cute flip flops that will allow you to look stylish and low key at the same time. The flip flops have a light beige bottom with a strap that goes between your toes. You can even get the shoes with different strap colors so if you like to wear shoes with different outfits you can have the shoes to match. The color choices are metallic green, metallic blue, metallic fuchsia and green patent. Sizes available are 5 ½ to 10. The Rudy line flip flops sell for $15 dollars.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #2: Summer Breeze Flip Flops

If you want a pair of flip flops that are different from everyone else’s, you can’t go wrong with the Summer Breeze shoes at Seventh Avenue. The shoes have a clear foodbed that have tons of small, soothing, rounded bumps. The soles are gridded and will allow water to vent through under your feet as you wear then which will in turn make your feet cooler. They have women’s sizes available in small (4-6 ½), medium (7-8 ½), large (9-11 ½) and extra large (12). The shoes retail for $14.95.

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Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #3: Reebok MLB Summer Time Astros Flip-Flops

For a basic yet still brand name shoe, Endless Shoes and More sells a Reebok MLB Summer Time Astros Flip flop pair for $19.95. The flip flop has the usual piece between your toes and comes in black with Astros written on the top. Sizes available for women are 9 through 14.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #4: Summer Love Sunset Flip Flops

The Summer Love Sunset Flip Flops sold at Swimsuits for All.com proves that you can look cute and keep your feet cool too. Their flip flops are standard model with beautiful shades of pink, blue and yellow with a piece sign on the sole. The piece that fits between your toes is a pretty shade of purple which ties it all together. They come in sizes 5 through 12 and cost $2.49.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #5: Make Me Blush

Vera Bradley has the ultimate flip flops for women who like to look cute in their summertime wear. The flip flops have a flowery sole with pink edges and bottom. The best part is the faux pink flower that goes over your toes. Sizes available are small through large. Make Me Blush sells for $24 dollars.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #6: Night and Day

In love with the classic black and white look? Then Vera Bradley has something for you too. The website sells an uber chic pair of flip flops that are in black and white. The sole is in black and white flowers with the toe piece being a black flower with white accents. They come in sizes small through large and sell for $24 dollars.

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Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #7: Fresh Bloom

One of the best places to shop for simple flip flops is Old Navy. They have a bevy of shoes in different colors and styles plus the best part is that they usually sell two for five dollars. One of the shades they have is Fresh Bloom which is a really pretty shade of pink. Sizes available are five through eleven.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #8: Havaianas Summer Flip Flops

These shoes were featured on the Oprah Show so you’ll be sure that these are popular! Sleepyheads.com sells a pair of Havaianas Summer Flip Flops in purple. The soles have a purple background with neat flowery designs. They come in sizes four through nine. If you wear a half size, you should round down. They sell for $22 dollars.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #9: Jeweled

You’ll feel like a real gem as you stroll along in your jeweled flip flops from My Diva’s Closet.com. The shoes have a brown base and the top strap is adorned with cream colored jewels. They come in sizes 5 ½ through 10 and sell for $15 dollars.

Ten Top Summer Flip Flops #10: AE Mini Medallion

American Eagle Outfitters offers buyers a flip flop with a brown base and white toe strip that has a mini medallion in the center with AE (for American Eagle). They come in sizes five through eleven and cost $29.50.