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Karla News

The Bronx’s Best Bowling Alleys

The Bronx borough of New York City has a number of good bowling alleys. Bowling is a popular game across all of New York City. Manhattan’s bowling alleys tend to the more upscale side in prices and atmosphere. In some of the Manhattan places, the bowling itself is almost more a part of the scene ...

Karla News

Navigating the NYC Subway: B/D from Fordham University

The New York City Subway stops just minutes from Fordham University, with the B and D lines of the subway stopping at the corner of E. Fordham Rd., popularly referred to as just “Fordham Road”, and the Grand Concourse. If you walk further up Fordham Road, the 4 train stops at the corner of E. ...

Karla News

Things to Do on City Island, the Bronx, New York

City Island in the Bronx is one of the hidden gems in New York City. Located in Long Island Sound, right between The Bronx and Queens, it is accessible by drawbridge from The Bronx. It has long been one of the most popular dining spots, especially for sea food. And the views at night are ...