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Karla News

Favorite Candy of the 1970s and 1980s

Tonight was the Super Bowl. We bought the usual junk. I formulated in my mind that this was okay since I ate a vegetarian sandwich at lunch. I started thinking about candy. Sugar gets a bad, bad rap these days. I should know-I am a type two diabetic of sorts and I do well if ...

Karla News

Kevin Federline’s New Size: Kfed Fat

Tides have turned on Kfed, Britney’s ex, who is seemingly nonchalant about his weight gain. He’s been living high, large and lazy, with money from Brit. Kevin Federline’s weight gain was evident at a recent golf tournament, X Games Celebrity Skins Classic event in California, where he was sporting his own pregnant belly and moobs ...

Karla News

Is Virgin Mobile’s “Pay as You Go” a Good Deal?

Virgin Mobile’s “Pay as You Go” Cell Phone Program seems like a great deal: rather than paying a flat monthly fee, you only pay for the time you use. Backed by slick advertising and a brand name popular with kids, Virgin Mobile has captured a nice share of the cell phone market. “Pay as you ...