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How to Slow Down Fast Drivers for the Safety of Kids

Like most parents, I worry about the safety of my kids, especially around roads near our home. People often speed without regard for the safety of children, and as fast as many drive and quickly turn corners, they could never stop in time should a child cross their path. Those who drive as if they’re ...

Karla News

DC Universe Online – Collections Index

This article will serve as the main index page for the guides I am writing on the mmorpg DC Universe Online concerning the Collections sets. Below you will find a list of topics organized by category that will be covered in depth. As more articles are written, this page will be continually updated to reflect ...

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Buy City Street Signs

Long a staple of fraternity houses and dorm rooms, city streets signs add color and spunk when they’re out of their municipal contexts. Though a lot of the signs owned by college students are stolen from local communities, there’s a way to acquire them legitimately. It’s called buying! College students wanting a stop octagon, an ...