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Karla News

Common Bra Fit Problems and Solutions

One of the most common complaints women have about clothing is about bras. For many women, bras seem to cause a number of different problems. Finding the cause of these problems is the first step to finding a solution. Problem: Band rides up in the back Your bra is too big. Typically, riding up means ...

Karla News

Love Your Sagging Breasts

Parenting and breastfeeding forums are often full of women who say that they love their bodies and don’t subscribe to conventional beauty standards, but that they hate the shape or size of their breasts. Sagging breasts are probably the most common complaint that women make about their figures. Many women who otherwise wouldn’t touch makeup ...

Karla News

Keeping Breasts Perky After Pregnancy

One of my biggest fears in pregnancy was that my breasts would look horrible afterwards. I was excited to be pregnant, and didn’t mind the increased breast size as I had always been a 34B, but I was terrified that after I delivered my baby and discontinued breastfeeding, my breasts would sag down and look ...