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Karla News

Califone Card Reader Helps Autistic Children Communicate, Learn

Being a teacher of autistic children, I am always looking for unique ideas, strategies and technological devices that can assist me in providing the best education possible for my children. As many people know, there are varying degrees of autism, and oftentimes one will hear the term “Autism Spectrum Disorders” to encompass the broad range ...

Karla News

Common Characteristics of a Toddler with Autism

With Autism in the news in abundance today, it is becoming a household name. Although we still have so many more questions about Autism, we know a great deal more than we did even ten years ago. In my line of work in the field of Early Intervention, I provide play therapy to delayed and ...

Karla News

Autism – Controlling Anger Outbursts

Although outbursts and temper tantrums are typical with every 2 year old toddler, they can be magnified and deemed uncontrollable with a child who has autism regardless of age. Children under the umbrella of autism have difficulty communicating their wants and needs with others, have difficulty with social interaction, can develop fixations and obsessions and ...