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Action City in Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Review

Action City is a place that is full of entertainment, fun, and great food! It is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and offers people of all ages over 55,000 square feet of rides, games, and great food. This place turns any adult into a kid again for awhile! Action City opened up in Eau Claire ...

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Life in the Detroit Lions Den as a Chicago Bears Fan

Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, opens its doors to you. After all, you have your face painted in your team’s colors, you have your official NFL team jersey on, and you have your “Big D” sign and cardboard section that looks like a piece of fence. You are ready to root your team ...

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The History of School Mascots

What unites a school? Location? People? How about mascots? Every person, sometime in their life, has experienced a school mascot. It may have been during high school, college, or even professional sports. You probably even have a favorite, but why are mascots important? Why do mascots give us that since of pride and belonging? According ...