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Karla News

CBS Hit CSI: Miami Cast Before the Stardom

Everyone knows the cast of the CBS series CSI: Miami. The show has been on CBS since September of 2002. Horatio Caine and the crew from the Miami-Dade County Crime Lab, have been catching killers for 8 years now. CBS producers have made a few changes through the years, but the majority of cast members ...

Karla News

Fall TV: CSI Miami- Dangerous Son

Dangerous Son Since the first of the CSI’s I’ve been a die hard fan, so when it came to a toss up between watching the opening episode of this season’s CSI Miami or watching Journeyman, which had attracted my attention, the indecision lasted all of five minutes. I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch Journeyman ...

Karla News

Urban Exploration: Danvers State Insane Asylum

Whether you call Danvers a sanitarium, sanatorium, insane asylum or mental health facility one thing is blisteringly clear; it’s now a shell of its former self. Urban explorers, ghost hunters, historians and those with morbid curiosities have long known that Danvers was one of the places to visit. There are no nurses in white dresses ...