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Karla News

Pop the Balloon Game for Kids

Throwing darts is a classic game that dates back into earlier times and is a fun way to spend quality time with your family. Darts are kind of dangerous game though and aren’t really meant for little children to be playing or being around because darts do have a pointy and sharp end if you ...

Karla News

Darts Perfect Game?

Very few sports have a “maximum” for the players to try and get, 10 pin bowling is probably the supreme example, a maximum score from a perfect game is 300 it’s been done and yet it’s still quite rare. Snooker has a “maximum” as well though it’s regularly considered 147 and that’s accepted the maximum ...

Karla News

Top Gifts for a Bachelor for Under $80

Ok, so I now a few bachelors and they are not always the easiest people to buy for. Knowing what a bachelor needs can be a little overwhelming. They may not want the usual house warming gifts or clothing. Most of the bachelors I know are in their mid to late twenties and spend a ...