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Jamaican Curry Chicken Recipe

INGREDIENTS 1 whole chicken or a pack of skinless chicken breasts maybe 3 lbs if your making enough for 2 or 3 people. 2 teaspoons of NSA House Seasoning in lieu of salt. {You can use regular salt (2 tsp) if you’re not worried about sodium} 2 teaspoons of NSA Lemon Pepper 1 teaspoon of ...

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How to Make a Basic Chicken Curry

What follows is a recipe for a basic chicken curry to be served over long grain rice. This is pure comfort food, and it’s very easy to make. This dish is perfect for people who are wary of spicy food (a.k.a. the tikka masala crowd). If you stick with one tablespoon of regular curry powder, ...

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The Many Benefits of Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is the main ingredient in curry powder. This spice has been around since the 1900s originating from India. Turmeric has been known throughout the world as a seasoning to make foods taste very good. Today turmeric is being used all over the world as a seasoning and a health product. In this article ...