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Karla News

CBS Hit CSI: Miami Cast Before the Stardom

Everyone knows the cast of the CBS series CSI: Miami. The show has been on CBS since September of 2002. Horatio Caine and the crew from the Miami-Dade County Crime Lab, have been catching killers for 8 years now. CBS producers have made a few changes through the years, but the majority of cast members ...

Karla News

The CSI Trilogy

Premiere Week of September 24th For fans of the CSI trilogy, it has truly been a long summer. It has been a very long summer especially for CSI fans with Sara being abducted and missing. As a constant viewer of all three CSI serials I was very excited about premiere week. I have been watching ...

Karla News

The Past Comes Back to Haunt Danny Messer on ‘CSI: NY’

Danny Messer is a CSI Level 3 Detective 1st Grade and a Detective Investigator for the “CSI: NY” crime lab. He graduated first from the New York Police Department Academy. Mac Taylor hired Danny on as part of the “CSI: NY” crime lab after being cautioned not to hire him from his superiors. Taylor’s superiors ...