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Karla News

5 Things I Learned as a CPS Caseworker

I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to advocate for children who hadn’t ever known unconditional love. I wanted to help prevent and stop child abuse and neglect in our society. I wanted to be a CPS (also known as Children’s Protective Services) caseworker. And I did become one. Shortly after my college graduation, ...

Karla News

The Truth About Child Protective Services

If a woman were raped, would you call the Rape Crisis Center to investigate the crime and gather evidence to convict the rapist or would you call the cops? If someone breaks into your house, will you call the cops or would you call a social worker? If someone robs a convenience store, would you ...

Karla News

Raising and Losing a Baby in Foster Care

We picked Minh up from the hospital. She was only a few days old. She was Vietnamese but you wouldn’t of known it. Light brown hair, light brown eyes… she smiled at us from day one. Minh was a little charmer. Full of fire, full of determination. Every week we showed up at the CPS ...