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Some Basic Tips on Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is everywhere. Our lives is full of it. But when we become overloaded with anxiety many health problems can begin. One health problem is anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks can come on suddenly and during one a person may actually feel as if they are dying. They can have problems breathing and they can have pain in their chests.

I am not a health professional. But I am a person who has suffered from anxiety all of her life. My whole family has problems with anxiety, nervousness and even bouts of depression. Through the years, we have learn some techniques that help us. They are just little things. But sometimes it is these little steps that we take that may ward off a bad anxiety spell, a panic attack or a migraine caused from anxiety.

1. We all have heard that we need to stop and breathe, take deep breathes. This advice can work. When you start feeling yourself getting tensed, your heart is starting to beat faster, stop what you are doing, inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Really feel this breath. Do this a few times.

2. Keep a journal. Record some of your worries, things that upsets you, your thoughts and feelings. This journal is your outlet. We all need a place or a person to share the ramblings that goes on inside our head. By sharing these thoughts, they don’t seem as scary, sometimes.

3. Take time for yourself. When you feel stressed or tense, try to find time just for you. If all you can manage is five minutes, make the time count. Take a bubble bath. Lay down and close your eyes. Sit outside in the sun. Just spend that time on you, doing something for you.

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4. Try not to make everything in life a routine. Many of us have too many routines. Then when something happens and we don’t do those routine, just as we normally do, our systems feel out of sorts. We then become nervous and filled with anxiety. If we didn’t have a routine in the first place, the nervousness may never had happened. Don’t always plan your meals at the exact moment in time. Don’t plan on certain days for certain chores. Try to relax a little. You could be adding onto your own anxiety.

5. Learn to speak your mind. A lot of anxiety comes from the fact that we hold a lot of our feelings inside of us. A person annoys us. We don’t want a confrontation. We grin and bear with it. That person continually annoys us. We become more frustrated and agitated and finally we are filled with anxiety, We have to learn to speak for ourselves more. If someone is upsetting you. Learn to say, your behavior is not okay. In the long run, you will be helping your anxiety.

These are just small steps on how to deal with anxiety. Each person can learn more things that will help themselves as they continue through life. The thing is to look for solutions for your anxiety problems. Don’t allow them to build up until you break.

Also be open to seek help when necessary. If you can’t manage your anxiety alone and your friends or family are not enough to help you, seek medical help. You can get help with your anxiety. Don’t let it rule you. Learn to deal with it. Learn to have a happy life.

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