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Roulette – Can You Beat the Wheel?

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Casino gambling wouldn’t be the same without the roulette wheel. Since the days of 007 and James Bond, the casino game of exciting appeal is the game of roulette. Why players like the game really could stem from the game of roulette being shown on popular shows and movies and the apparent big win odds of 35 to 1. It certainly isn’t from the thousands of dollars players win or not win on the game.

A brief introduction to Roulette is in order. The Roulette wheel has either 37 or 38 slots, (depending on whether you’re playing the American or the European version). The American wheel has 38 slots, while the European has 37. On both wheels the numbers 0 through 36 are assigned to each slot. The American wheel has an extra 00, therefore 38 slots. Players simply bet on which slot the ball will fall into. The Roulette table has a grid with each color-coded possibility labeled. There is a huge variety of betting possibilities for the player. The two most popular choices for the general public are betting on a single number or choosing one of the even bets with Red or Black being the easiest to monitor. After the bets are made, the dealer starts the Roulette wheel spinning. As the Roulette wheel is spinning, the dealer throws out the marble. The ball or marble spins around the edge of the Roulette wheel. As the marble looses speed it eventually falls into one on the slots. The dealer scans the betting table and pays each winner.

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Online casino gambling came into existence years ago and offered the betting public an easier way to “beat the wheel. Late in 2006, legislation was signed which effectively banned online betting from happening in the United States. There is no such ban for non U.S. residents. As a result of this law, the only legal way to play roulette, slots, and other games of chance is to visit your local casino. Since many states are jumping into this lucrative opportunity, there’s a good chance you can find a local casino within a reasonable driving distance.

Casino operators have long known that Roulette is one of their big money makers. Why? The mathematical odds of Roulette are stacked against you. The best case for the gambler is using the European wheel with 37 slots. The payout for a single number bet, if you win, is 35 to 1. Now, that seems like a lot but since the wheel has 37 slots, you need a payout of 37 to 1 just to break even. Mathematically, you’d need a 38 to 1 to “beat the wheel”. The American wheel is even worse as their 38 slots with a 35 to 1 payout is terrible. Betting the even chance – Red or Black as are all the other betting possibilities are no better.

Sorry to have to tell you the truth, but Roulette can’t be beaten as the laws of math cannot be changed. By the way, you can have some nice winning streaks, but you can not win at Roulette long term.