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Review of Viva Tierra Organic Royal Gala Apples


In order to always get organic apples I often choose the cheapest variety, which normally is braeburn apples. The last time that I needed to get apples though I noticed that royal gala apples were the same price per pound and so I thought for a change I would try some of them instead. The brand of apples that I chose were Viva Tierra Organic Royal Gala Apples.

I’ll admit I couldn’t remember if I had tried such a variety of apple before and had no idea what to expect. They were not of a green tint so I didn’t think that they would taste like granny smith apples nor were they a yellow tent so I didn’t think that they would taste like a golden delicious apple either. The color of a Viva Tierra Organic Royal Gala Apple was red with yellow highlights similar to that of a fuji apple and so I thought that they would be similar to that. I was not way off in my thinking but I must say I found them to taste better than the recent Safeway O Organics Fuji Apples that I had got. They were much sweeter than any braeburn that I had tasted as well and I was very happy that I had found them for the same price.

The cost of organic apples seems to range from grocery store to grocery store and so when it comes time to get apples I try to make a trip to the grocery store that carries the best priced organic apples. The store that was selling the Viva Tierra Organic Royal Gala Apples sold them for one dollar and ninety nine cents a pound. It seemed that the medium size apples weighed a little bit under three fourths of a pound each on average. All of the apples were very consistent in both size and colorations which led them to be very consistent in their pleasing taste. The only thing that I found about these apples that didn’t make them perfect was they there were not grown more closer to home, as the Viva Tierra Organic Royal Gala Apples are from a company based in Washington state but are from farms from both North and South America.

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I would have to recommend the Viva Tierra Organic Royal Gala Apples first because they are organic, I think that it is very important to choose organic foods and produce is something I think is extremely important to choose organic. Also I think that the taste of the royal gala apples makes them worth recommending even to people who are less concerned about them being organic or not. Plus I can’t forget that their price alone makes an excellent reason to choose these apples over ones that may be the same price but are not as tasty in my opinion. Of course if you choose to just to get fruit that is grown locally then apples far away would not likely be what you want.

I tend to try my best to get my produce that is grown very near to where I live. I figure that fruit that doesn’t have to travel super far is going to be fresher and will have used less resources in order to get to the grocery store where I buy it, which I think are fine things. For this reason I may not be getting Viva Tierra Organic Royal Gala Apples forever. The sticker on the apples say Chile which is one of the places that the company has farms in and so I wonder if perhaps if that means that those particular apples came from a farm in Chile. I certainly think that as long as they are the only apples that I can afford that are this good and organic that I will be getting them again, at least for some time.

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