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The Best Apples for Apple Pie

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Although you have probably heard the saying, ” American as apple pie,” apple pies have been around longer than the declaration of independence. Recipes for apple pies have been recorded as early as the 13th century, though pre-16th century apple pies rarely contained sugar, which was a rare, expensive luxury. Apple pies are easy to make, and are always devoured at gatherings. Being that there are so many apple varieties, which apples make the best apple pie and what are the best methods for making an apple pie?

Apples can be classified into two types: sweet and tart. If you choose a tart apple, consequently, you will have a tart apple pie. Most apple pie aficionados prefer a tart apple for an apple pie and many prefer mixing apples for the perfect apple pie. The key thing to remember when choosing an apple for an apple pie, besides a red delicious apple, you can use any apple variety- it just depends on what taste and texture you desire for your apple pies. Red delicious apples are not suitable for an apple pie because they are too soft, so you will end up with an apple sauce pie. Choose any other from the following list of apple, which is divided into tart and sweet:

Variety of Apples for Apple Pie- Tart

– Granny Smith ( this is the most popular tart apple used for apple pies)
– Gravenstein
– Pippin
– Jonathan ( though slightly sweet, as well)

Variety of Apples for Apple Pie- Sweet

– Pink Lady
– Rome Beauty
– Winesap
– Gala
– McIntosh
– Fuji

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While this is not an exhaustive list of apple varieties for apple pies, these are the most popular apples for baking an apple pie. As mentioned, many people prefer the taste and texture of a mixed apple pie. You could mix apple varieties of tart or sweet, or for a variety of flavors, you can mix both sweet and tart varieties.

Apple Pie Methods

For a more dense, full apple pie, choose a variety of apple that is crispy, and will hold its shape. Slice the apples very thin. For a looser, moist pie, choose a variety of apple that is soft, and will blend when baked. Slice the apples thicker.

The spices used in apple pies are different according to different apple pie recipes, but nearly all apple pies call for sugar ( white and brown sometimes), nutmeg and cinnamon. Some people include vanilla, as well. A lot of dutch/ German apple pies will call for sour cream- this helps hold the apples and spice mixture, giving the apple pie a dense, creamy filling.

When it comes to the apple pie crust, when baking a denser, creamier apple pie, it is best to use a top crust. If you want a more moist, sweeter apple pie, you can omit the top crust, or make a sugar crumb topping for your apple pie.

The best advice for making an apple pie is to experiment with a variety of apples and apple pie recipes. I have come up with my own special apple pie recipe by taking the elements I like best from various apple pie recipes to create my own apple pie. You cannot go wrong, as apple pies are a matter of personal preference, and can be baked in many ways. The only universal element in baking apple pies is their popularity.

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