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Product Review: Oakley Motocross Goggles

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Headquartered in Southern California, and founded in 1975, Oakley is the worldwide licensee of Fox Racing, INC. Fox is a leading apparel brand in the motocross industry. Oakley designs and develops optical products. In cooperation with FOX, they are responsible for marketing and distributing apparel products all over the world. Motor sport specialty stores worldwide carry the Oakley eyewear.

Oakley has taken conventional ideas above and beyond the norm. They blend scientific ideas and the latest fashion trends to come up with the perfect products. Oakley products are developed to suit all lifestyles. From world-class athletes, to everyday ordinary people, Oakley is dependable for all your eyewear needs.

Oakley has questioned the limits of technology again and again, which has produced more than 575 patents worldwide. They constantly strive to make each and every product better. Oakley has a state-of-the-art research and production facility. The facility utilizes the virtual world of CAD/CAM engineering. Each idea starts off as a virtual prototype, similar to the virtual pets some children carry around in their pockets. The prototype is tested using spectropho-tometers, impact accelerators, and environmental simulation chambers. If the new product can withstand extensive testing, then, and only then, is it ready for testing on actual people. Oakley uses some of the world’s largest athletes to test their products. After all, is anyone better equipped to test the endurance of a product more than a professional athlete who pushes extraordinary limits on a daily basis?

Motocross is one of the sports that relies on the Oakley goggle technology. The 3-D goggle design provides a precise fit. The goggles are designed to perfectly conform to your face. Ram-air surge ports allow for fog-cutting air flow which is reinforced with a F3 anti-fog coating. Oakley lenses are designed to maximize peripheral and downward vision. This is important in the motocross world since drivers must rely on and trust their goggles. Drivers need and have to have goggles that do not impair their vision.

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Oakley goggles are also designed to optimize impact protection. Should an accident occur, Oakley goggles are designed to stay in place and protect the eyes. Oakley goggle lenses are optically correct. Oakley currently has one of the best advanced tear-off systems in the motocross industry.

All Oakley polarized lenses contain HDO®. HDO® is a collection of technology that incorporates Oakley’s patented inventions to provide the best possible optical clarity and performance. Haze and distortion is eliminated by materials that bond to the polarizing filter at a molecular level.

The American National Standards Institute recognizes that Oakley eyewear conforms to all its standards of impact resistance.

If you choose to purchase your own pair of Oakley goggles, your eyes will thank you. Your eyes will be protected at the highest possible level, and your vision will not be altered. Even under tests of the elements, Oakley goggles stand out above the rest. Are you ready to see for yourself?