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Product Review: Afrin No Drip

Decongestants, Nasal Congestion, Sinus Pain

Afrin No Drip, really worked to relieve one of the worst cases of nasal congestion that I ever experienced. Here’s what happened. I had a cold, a plain run of the mill cold, runny nose, then stuffy nose. The cold was pretty much no different from any other cold I had until about 5 days later when I experienced the worst nasal congestion I have ever experienced in my life. I didn’t know what to do because I literally could not breath out of my nose, so after work I went to the store and purchased Afrin No Drip for about $5.50.

In addition to a mind boggling plugged up nose, I had the worst pain in my head when I bent down. This ridiculous pain was felt not only on the back of my head, but on my cheeks below my eyes. The pain was so intense, that it almost made me scream every time I bent down, which was weird and embarrassing. It was all I could do when I bent down to not scream “Oh my God”. Here’s where my friend Afrin No Drip comes in. After I got home, I opened the lovely, user friendly little pump like bottle from it’s packaging and removed the plastic cap. After pumping 2 sprays of Afrin No Drip into each nostril and waiting about 15 minutes, I literally want to kiss the ground. Afrin No Drip, relieved the congestion so well, that I could finally bend down without writhing around in pain.

Now it is important to note that while the Afrin No Drip relieved the nasal congestion relatively fast, the headache and sinus pain persisted for about 2 hours, but then as if by magic, the pain was gone. Totally gone. Words escape me. I can’t begin to explain the profound relieve that this over the counter, Afrin No Drip provided to me. I have used other nasal decongestants in the past and even oral decongestants, but I never experienced relief as I did with the Afrin.

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I did not experience any side effects or adverse reactions except after I used it, I could taste it. I have to say that since the Afrin No Drip is not thin and watery, it doesn’t go down your throat like some of the other nasal sprays. It has a consistency about it that allows the Afrin No Drip to adhere to where you are spraying it instead of leaking and dripping all over the place. I did not experience any drowsiness, nervousness, or heart palpitations that I sometimes experience when I take a decongestant. Afrin No Drip states that it works for up go 12 hours. I would have to agree because it really does work for a long time. When I used it at night before bed, I could still breath through my nose well into the next morning.

Afrin No Drip worked very well for my 15 year old daughter too. She had a cold and her nose was very congested which made it difficult for her to sleep. After 2 sprays and a few minutes, she too got relief from the congestion, which made us both very happy. It is very important to note that I purchased a new bottle of Afrin No Drip for my daughter, as it’s not only unsanitary to use another person’s nose spray, it’s downright disgusting!

I will continue to use Afrin No Drip, if I ever get severe nasal congestion again. I highly recommend Afrin No Drip to anyone suffering from congestion. As always, I recommend that you check with your doctor or healthcare provider before using Afrin No Drip, or any other medication. I love Afrin No Drip!

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