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Printable Birthday Cards for Free

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Many people mail out or give birthday cards in person during the course of a year, luckily you can print free birthday cards from the internet. Sending or giving free printable birthday cards is a fabulous way to save money as birthday cards can become quite expensive.

The following websites allow the viewer to print out birthday cards for free, not only will family and friends be happy that you remembered their special day but printable birthday cards do not put a huge dent in the pocketbook.


These adorable free print out birthday cards for kids can be colored. There are many wonderful choices of printable birthday cards here and they are more appropriate for the very little ones. There are lots of theme related print out birthday cards that are really cute and kids would really love receiving them.


This website makes it very simple to print out birthday cards for kids. There is a large number of themes to meet a variety of interests, the website is very easy to navigate and will take you through a step by step process of how to print out birthday cards for free.


This is one of my favorite websites for printable birthday cards. The variety is awesome and there are lots of options to choose from to print happy birthday cards to your liking. There is a link to the printable birthday cards and with photo images, be sure to click on both links as each one has lots of choices of print out birthday cards.

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The amount of printable birthday cards on this website is amazing. After clicking on the home page, look to the right hand side of the home page for a large selection of links to print free birthday cards such as: animal birthday cards, seasonal birthday cards, simple birthday cards, mixed birthday cards plus many more free printable birthday cards.


If you know a horse lover and are looking to print free birthday cards, this is the website to visit. There are horse, pony or equine themes and these print out birthday cards are really beautiful, the horse lover would be so excited about receiving one of these sweet printable birthday cards.


Here you will find a website that allows you to print free birthday cards very easily plus there are numerous choices and ways that you can customize these lovely print out birthday cards. There are printable birthday cards for everyone in the family, this website has lots of excellent choices in print out birthday cards.

You do not have to run to the store every time you need a birthday card when you can print birthday cards for free from websites. Printable birthday cards are an excellent way to save some cash plus sending out printable birthday cards enables you to keep in touch with family and friends when it is their special day!