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Fisher Price Learning Home Review

Fisher Price

The Fisher Price Learning Home is a large, plastic stand-up toy. Although it’s shaped like a house with a peaked roof, it isn’t actually a play house. Instead, it’s essentially a plastic archway with a door in the middle-as well as various lights, buttons and gadgets on each side-that a baby or toddler can crawl through.

The Fisher Price Learning Home retails for approximately $60 to $115, depending on where you purchase it. I received mine as a gift.


Assembly is required for the Fisher Price Learning Home, so expect to spend some time with a screwdriver. In addition, you’ll need some batteries if you want all the lights and sounds to work.

Although at first glance it appears the Fisher Price Learning Home will take up a lot of space, it actually can be placed fairly close to a wall. And since the toy is narrow, it is less intrusive than you might think from its initial appearance. My baby’s play area is fairly small, the Fisher Price Learning Home fits in it nicely.


There are numerous features on the Fisher Price Learning Home. Both sides of this large plastic toy are covered in buttons, lights, switches, flaps and wheels that are designed to engage babies and toddlers. Among some of my baby’s favorite features were the doorbell chimes, the light switch and lantern, and the clock (which plays, of course, “Hickory Dickory Dock”).

My baby also really enjoyed the radio buttons. When she pushed them, a pleasant female voice would speak and a tune would play. She also had a great time opening and closing the plastic window on the Fisher Price Learning Home, which resulted in more noises and sounds.

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The Fisher Price Learning Home also features a mailbox and plastic envelopes so children can play “mail carrier.” The mailbox can be accessed from either side of the Fisher Price Learning Home.

One of the best features for crawling babies is the swinging door in the middle of the Fisher Price Learning Home. My baby loved to crawl back and forth through the door, especially since it played music whenever it opened.


The Fisher Price Learning Home is designed to be a fun learning tool. Songs include traditional children’s music (such as “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain”), as well as counting songs. There are also little tidbits of information that are played at various times, such as chatter about weather and dogs.

Opposites seem to be a frequent learning theme, too, with the Fisher Price Learning Home, such as night and day. When in “learning mode” (based on a selection chosen with a switch), the window says “up” or “down” depending on its position.

The Fisher Price Learning Home also includes a shape sorter to help babies develop motor coordination and their mental spatial relations ability. In addition, the rain gutter counts when balls are dropped into it. My baby particularly liked this feature.


Although I tend to think the price of the Fisher Price Learning Home is fairly expensive, it’s well made for what is essentially a large piece of plastic. The buttons and gadgets continued to work after months of use (and this was one of my baby’s favorite toys!). It seemed quite sturdy and stable, and I never worried that it would fall on my child (even when she was in the “cruising” stage).

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Overall, I would say the Fisher Price Learning Home is of standard quality for this type of toy. We did not have any broken pieces or parts despite regular, repeated use.


I highly recommend the Fisher Price Learning Home as a toy for young babies and toddlers. Indeed, my child enjoyed this toy for quite a long time. I suggest that parents purchase this toy before they think their baby is ready for it. Your child will grow into it quickly and will use it for a very long time, so you might as well get your money’s worth. (My child’s peak interest in the Fisher Price Learning Home was around 1-year-old.)

The Fisher Price Learning Home is a great learning tool and will provide many months of entertainment for your baby. I would recommend this toy to any parent.