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Fisher Price Health Care High Chair VS. Chicco Mamma High Chair

Chicco, Fisher Price, High Chair

This article compares the Fisher Price Health Care and the Chicco Mamma high chairs side by side. I am able to make this comparison because I care for seven month old twins and their parents have one of each of the high chairs.

Both the Fisher Price Health Care and the Chicco Mamma high chairs accommodate babies and toddlers up to 37 pounds. The Fisher Price high chair is a better choice for young and/or small babies, though. The tray on the Chicco Mamma high chair is set too high and is too far away from the baby, until the baby is about 15 or 20 pounds.

Fisher Price and Chicco Mamma high chairs both have a five-point harness system, but I prefer the way the Fisher Price harness attaches – on the sides of the middle strap vs. on the top. Both high chair seats can recline. The Chicco Mamma handle for this feature is on the back of the chair and the Fisher Price model offers the handle on the top of the seat, for easier access.

Another Fisher Price feature I find far superior is the “one hand tray adjustment.” The Fisher Price high chair actually has two options for adjusting the tray; one is a two-handed function, with the releases on either side of the tray. Chicco Mamma doesn’t have this feature at all. The one-hand feature works much better on the Fisher Price chair, and is truly a one-handed operation. I struggle to perform the same adjustments using one hand on the Chicco Mamma chair.

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The high chairs are identical in size, dimensions and weight. Both have adjustable seat height and can detach the seat to make a booster seat. Both high chairs also boast being auto-fold (the front and back legs). The Fisher Price chair once again is superior in terms of ease of operation. On this chair, I merely pressed the release buttons on each side and the legs fold in one smooth motion. I find I need to get the process started on the Chicco Mamma chair.

Both high chairs offer two slots for the straps to feed through, so that as the baby grows taller, the straps can be adjusted to accommodate an older child. The Chicco Mamma has two back wheel locks while the Fisher Price has locks on all four wheels–a feature I especially appreciate when the twins are eating and their 2 ½ year old sister is hanging on the high chairs.

Both high chairs also offer padded seats, with the Chicco Mamma seat indicating it is “easy to wipe clean.” The Fisher Price seat can be removed and washed in the washing machine.

The high chairs are so similar, that if one were to have to choose which one to buy without trying them out you’d never know the Fisher Price was a bit more “user friendly.” The Chicco Mamma chair is about $40-$50 more expensive than the Fisher Price chair. The lowest advertised price I found for the Fisher Price Health Care High Chair was about $99. The lowest price I found for the Chicco Mamma High Chair was $139.00.

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I give the Chicco Mamma High Chair 3 ½ Stars and Fisher Price High Chair 5 Stars.