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“Over the Hill” Birthday Gifts

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Over the hill means different things to different ages. For those in their 20’s, over the hill can mean someone turning 30. For those who are in their 30’s over the hill could mean someone turning 40. For someone my age, it means someone turning 70 at the very youngest.

Over the hill gag gifts have been popular for many years and you know whether or not your soon to be over the hill friend or family member can take a joke. Just remember, some day it will be your turn to be the over the hill gag gift recipient. On the other hand, if the current target once pulled an over the hill gag on someone else, then he or she cannot complain now that it is their turn.

Over the hill birthday gifts are becoming so popular that there is a site that sells nothing but. Not surprisingly, the name is Over the Hill Gifts and they have not only gifts but everything you need to through one very memorable party. They start at 30 and go all the way up to 100. Their gift baskets are great idea and they have some unique ideas for an over the hill gift that is really useful such as an over the hill afghan. You can choose from pure gag gifts to baskets that have special items like a US coin set from the year they were born.

There are many other places as well where you can find almost anything imaginable. For instance, Get Silly has some really wild and fun ideas. They have everything from tee shirts to Fountain of Youth Mints and for something really special you can get a gift for the golfer or the wine lover or just about anyone else.

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Make your gift personal. Mix the gag gift with something the new member of the over the hill club can really enjoy. For instance, if he or she enjoys wine, get a really fine bottle and combine it with one of the wine gag gifts. Or if it is a golfer, get a box of top of the line golf balls and for a gag gift, one of the inflatable golf clubs. Or go to a site such as Personal Creations. They have an over the hill sweat shirt that you can have personalized with the lucky persons name. Another really personal gift, again for the wine lover comes from Last Laugh Gifts.Send them a picture of the over the hill member and they will put it on a personalized bottle of wine along with their name. The bottle will be a treasured memento long after the wine is gone.

Just remember, some day you will be joining the over the hill club and what goes around, comes around.