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Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Ideas

Gift Certificates, Mother's Day Greetings

“All women become like their mothers.
That is their tragedy.
No man does.
That’s his.”

Oscar Wilde
(1854 – 1900)

Mother’s Day is Mom’s day to be honored, appreciated and showered with affection. Of course, every day ought to be Mother’s Day? (Just ask any mom.)

However, once each year, on the second Sunday in May, we choose to give greeting cards, gifts and other special mementos to the mothers we love.

What are the top gift certificates (or gift cards) you might offer the special mothers in your own life? Here are our top ten purchased gift certificate ideas (or gift cards) for Mother’s Day (listed alphabetically), followed by our top ten do-it-yourself gift certificates for Mother’s Day.

Top Ten Purchased Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day

Of course, most mothers would appreciate Mother’s Day gift certificates (or gift cards) from major department stores or favorite local shops. Lots of major shopping centers and mall chains offer multi-store gift certificates (or gift cards) for Mother’s Day or any occasion.

Still, if you wish to be particularly creative, you might choose one of these thoughtful options for gift certificates (or gift cards) for Mother’s Day.

Amazing Accessories

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to present Mom with a lovely silk scarf, graceful gloves or a pretty purse. Every woman adores accessories. If you opt to purchase a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card), your mother can choose her own accessories to fit her wardrobe colors and her personal style.

The House of Silk offers an amazing array of silk scarves, silk pajamas and even silk bedding. For embroidered scarves from the Far East, try Flying Fashions. Based in the United Kingdom, Tie Warehouse purveys a wonderful assortment of women’s neckwear.

A Mother’s Day gift of gloves might include fancy imported Italian leather dress gloves from Florentine Gloves or rugged casual all-purpose gloves from Sierra Trading Post.

Gift certificates for pocketbooks and totes can be found at Handbag Heaven. Of course, the classic purse for a classy mother might come from Coach. And what mother wouldn’t love a bright and perky Vera Bradley handbag or tote for spring on Mother’s Day?

Casual Clothing

Mothers spend considerable time and money shopping for their families. Why not offer Mom a special Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) from her favorite fashion shop?

Do you know your mother’s personal sense of style? Does she love Chadwick’s, Coldwater Creek, Gap, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, Lane Bryant, Liz Claiborne or Talbot’s?

If you know her secret retail haunt, you can order her a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) and send her shopping.

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Delicious Dining

Mothers prepare food for their families all year long. A Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) from an eatery, bistro or cafe might be just the ticket for a special mother.

Choose a local spot or a well-known restaurant chain. Most offer gift certificates (or gift cards) that can be used at any of their locations. Examples the entire family might share include Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Panera Bread and Red Lobster,

Fabulous Food

Along similar lines, you might choose to offer a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) for gourmet foods and treats. Favorites might be Godiva Chocolate, Harry and David fruits or Omaha Steak. Stores like Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel offer gourmet treats as well, but please don’t buy Mom kitchenware for Mother’s Day!

Fancy Flowers

Plenty of people present mothers with plants and flowers for Mother’s Day. This is a wonderful idea and thoughtful gift.

However, did you know that you can actually arrange to have flowers sent once a month for a year? Several companies offer this service: Amazing Flower Club, Flower-of-the-Month Club, Pro Flowers and 1-800-Flowers are a few of the most well-known. Most moms would be thrilled to receive Mother’s Day gift certificates (or gift cards) for these programs.

Garden Gifts

In many regions, Mother’s Day marks the unofficial beginning of the outdoor gardening season. This makes Mother’s Day the idea occasion for presenting moms with gift certificates (or gift cards) towards horticultural tools and supplies.

Gardener’s Supply, Plow and Hearth and Smith and Hawken are popular sources of garden tools and accents. For bulbs, plants, seeds and other vegetation, check out Breck’s, Burpee, Spring Hill Nursery, and White Flower Farm.

Personal Pampering

After 364 days of meeting the needs of everyone in the family, most mothers will warmly welcome some personal pampering. Beautiful bath products make super Mother’s Day gifts.

How about a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) from Bath and Body Works, Bath Essence, Sephora or The Body Shop?

Of course, if you know your special mother adores a certain beauty salon or spa, you might offer her a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) from that establishment, so she can be pampered in person.

Plush Pets

Many mothers still possess a sense of fun and playfulness. Sometimes, an adorable stuffed animal makes the ideal Mother’s Day gift. In fact, some mothers collect Beanie Babies or other plush pets.

In such cases, a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) to the Build-a-Bear Workshop, Stuffington Bear Factory or The Vermont Teddy Bear Company might be ideal. And did you know even Ralph Lauren makes signature teddy bears?

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Sensational Scents

Perfume is the perennial prize of Mother’s Day. If you’re not sure which scent your special mother prefers, you may certainly give her a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card), so she can choose her own.

Several websites offer brand-name perfumes, often at deep discounts. These include Fragrance Express, Fragrance.Net, Imagination PerfumeryPerfume,com, The Perfume Spot and Scent Monkey. With a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card), Mom can pick out several favorite scents for less.

Stylish Shoes

What woman doesn’t sigh over a sweet new pair of shoes? Frilly, fancy, strappy or sassy, shoes can make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. However, picking out footwear for another can be tricky, particularly if you’re not sure about sizing.

Why not pick out a Mother’s Day gift certificate (or gift card) for a well-stocked shoe vendor? Popular shoe sellers include Baker Shoes, DSW, Famous Footwear, Love My Shoes, Naturalizer, Nike,Nine West, Payless, Shoe Pavilion, Shoes.com and Zappo’s,

Top Ten Do-It-Yourself Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day

Certainly, the most thoughtful Mother’s Day gift certificates may be the ones we make ourselves. From favors to waivers, do-it-yourself gift certificates will bring smiles to many moms’ faces, especially on Mother’s Day.

Absolute Affection

Even the youngest children can get into the act, when it comes to expressing affection for a special mother. How about drawing up coupons for hugs and kisses for Mom on Mother’s Day?

Blessed Babysitting

Most mothers don’t carve out personal time too often. A Mother’s Day gift certificate or coupon for an afternoon or evening of free babysitting makes a most thoughtful gift.

Breakfast in Bed

Children can make creative tokens or gift certificates for Mom, who can redeem these for breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. What mother doesn’t relish a hand-delivered tray, filled with crunchy cold toast, lukewarm and runny scrambled eggs and a tipsy glass of orange juice?

How delightful and delicious can breakfast become for Mom, especially when a much-loved child offers room service at home on Mother’s Day?

Cheerful Chores

Mother’s Day signals the onset of spring, as well as the season of yard work. Resourceful children can please a special mother by presenting her with a homemade gift certificate for free yard or home chores.

Compliance Without Complaints

Bickerers, beware! Mother’s Day is a super occasion for children to showcase their cheerful attitudes and obedience, especially to Mom. It’s also a great day for young siblings to demonstrate how they can get along with one another. Why not print out non-complaint certificates for Mother’s Day?

Daily Dishes

Repeat after me: No mother should ever wash dishes on Mother’s Day. (Did you get that?)

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Would you like to see that special mother smile on Mother’s Day? Present her with a “Get Out of Dishes Free” card.

Exit from Errands

Older teens and young adults can lift a special mother’s workload by offering to run daily errands on Mother’s Day or the following week. How about offering a stack of coupons, which your special mother may redeem for errands?

Labor-Free Laundry

Bring on the baskets! Why not pitch in on Mother’s Day and run a few loads of laundry for Mom? Instead of piling those cast-off clothes into the hamper or basket, how about presenting your special mother with a gift certificate for a free Mother’s Day laundry service? (Be sure to put the clean clothing away for her as well.)

Private Pet Care

If your family has pets in the home, a free dog walking or litter box cleaning gift certificate might make a most thoughtful gift for Mom. Children can make Mother’s Day coupons that offer free bird cage cleaning, fish feeding or other pet-related services.

Take Out the Trash

Even an offer to carry the garbage and recyclables out to the appropriate spots can be offered in a dot-it-yourself gift certificate for Mother’s Day.

Basically, any way family members can lighten the load for a special mother, especially on Mother’s Day, can comprise a much-welcomed do-it-yourself gift certificate.

Mothers never go off-duty, even on Mother’s Day. A little imagination and a lot of thoughtfulness can lead to countless possibilities for do-it-yourself Mother’s Day gift certificates.

It’s the Thought . . .

This Mother’s Day, whether you purchase a gift or gift card or create your own gift certificate for your mother, you will want to express your own personalized sentiments of affection, appreciation and love.

Why not write your own poem or greeting for Mother’s Day? Click here for creative ideas for crafting personalized Mother’s Day poems with children.

You might also tuck a favorite Mother’s Day Bible verse into a special greeting card for your mother. Click here to read several favorite Scriptures that are appropriate for Mother’s Day greetings.

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