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Superstitions Surrounding Wedding Dresses and Engagement Rings


Superstitions surround everything there is. You have some people who don’t believe in all if any superstitions and then you have some people that believe in ever superstition there is. I have always been fascinated with the extent that superstitions go to. Weddings have some of the coolest superstitions around. So here is a look at some superstitions that surround wedding dresses and engagement rings.

The Wedding Dress:

This one garment worn by the bride has many superstitions surrounding it. What to do and not to do to the dress, when to try it on and when not to and so on and so forth. Let’s look at some of these superstitions that can have any superstition bride tied in knots.

For a superstitious bride, care must be taken so that she does not tear her wedding dress. One superstition surrounding the wedding dress is that if the dress is torn on the wedding day then the marriage will end in death. It is also believed that the marriage will end in death if the dress is torn on the day before the wedding also. I am glad I never had an actual wedding dress.

For brides that want to be lazy in the dress process, this superstition is the perfect one for them. It is believed to be a bad luck if a bride helps in anyway in the making of her wedding dress. Also it is believed that the number of stitches the brides sews into her gown is the number of tears she will cry during her marriage. So hold on tight to this superstition even if you are not superstitious because it will get you out of helping with the making of your dress.

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This one to me is a little creepy since I do not like spiders to begin with. It is considered good luck if a bride finds a spider in her wedding gown.

The engagement ring:

Yep even this little ring has its own share of superstitions. Hold on tight to that ring sweetie because trouble is a brewing with your little beauty.

I would be wary of any so called female friend that asks to try on my engagement ring. Superstition has it that if you allow another woman to try on your engagement ring, she will steal your fiancé. So don’t let her try on your ring and keep your fiancé as far away from her as possible.

It is bad luck for the bride to remove her engagement ring. A way around this is to hold both your ring fingers tip to tip and slid the engagement ring from the left hand to the right hand. Once the wedding band is placed on the ring finger, repeat the process to place the engagement ring back on to the left ring finger. Never should the engagement ring be full removed from the bride’s fingers.