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Oolong Tea- What it is and Does it Really Works?

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Trying to lose weight? Want something that is going to work and be safe to use? Well look no further than the secret of oriental tea. Oolong Tea also known as Wu-Long Tea is a safe and natural way to lose weight. Oolong Tea is made from fermented dark tea leaves that offer the body many healthy benefits.

37 different scientific studies have shown that the nutrients in Oolong Tea helps to shed body fat, boost energy and to even clear up skin. The Department of Dentistry at Japan’s Osaka University did a study that showed the effects that Oolong Tea has on a person’s teeth. The nutrients from the tea showed to drastically prevent plaque deposit on teeth. This prevention resulted in stronger, healthier teeth.

I personally had to find out for myself just how well this tea worked. The company that I purchased my Oolong Tea from suggested that it be drank twice a day. The company said that this is the traditional amount that the Orientals consume the tea.

So being one who just loves good old traditions, I keep with the tradition. I drank my two a day at set times everyday. My first cup was drank first thing in the morning and my second cup was drank in the evening while winding down for bed.

As a forewarning, I will mention that the taste does take some getting use to. This tea does not taste like the normal tea that one would buy in the store for ice tea. Oolong Tea is very powerful in taste. Give yourself time to get use to the taste. Once you have gotten use to the taste you will love Oolong Tea.

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Oolong Tea is a warm tea that is made for sipping. I made the mistake once of trying to drink it chilled. Chilling the tea greatly ruined the flavor of the tea.

The benefits that I received from drinking Oolong Tea was exceptional. After only two weeks of drinking Oolong Tea, I have noticed 3 inches come off my waistline. My acne is completely cleared up and my hair is healthier than it has ever been. Also for the last two weeks of drinking Oolong Tea I have found the energy to keep up with my children. Now that is a big plus.

The energy that I have gotten from Oolong Tea is a nice constant level. I do not find the jittery experience that I have had from taking energy pills or energy drinks. I just have a nice constant natural feeling level of energy.

Oolong Tea is great even if you are not looking to lose weight. The benefits of Oolong Tea goes beyond those of just weight lose. Oolong Tea is for all over health and well-being.

Remember if you are going to try Oolong Tea for weight loss, you must do more than just drink the tea. Sitting on the couch pigging out on donuts and drinking Oolong Tea twice a day is not going to help you lose weight. You must be willing to get up and get active. After all the tea is going to give you more energy so don’t be afraid to use that extra energy.