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Movie Review: “Courageous”

Facing the Giants

A movie comes around every few years that touch the core of the family unit, and ‘Courageous’ is one of those movies. The movie touches the heart on so many levels. While the movie is based on traditional Christian values and belief systems, this movie is one that crosses all barriers of many denominations and belief systems. This movie touches on important subject matter, addressing concerns of the family dynamics and the father’s role within that family. Many will be able to relate to the importance a father’s role is within the family.

Sherwood Pictures is the same production company that brought us Fireproof and Facing the Giants to theaters nationwide. This is the ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Alex Kendrick directed the film, while also co-writing the screenplay with his brother Stephen Kendrick.

Four men serve as law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, David Thomson and Shane Fuller. They form a bond not only on their job, but also when they begin to learn their roles as fathers. Each one facing their feelings of what a good father should be, they face many obstacles that soon change their lives. Each man handles life differently, as the men go through the everyday stresses of their jobs and family home life. It is realistic and very relate able. It is not just a feel good movie. Each father soon discovers their lack of leadership within the family due to their own personal problems.

Nathan is a strong father, but has his own issues of not having a father growing up, and dealing with abandonment issues at such a young age. Adam Mitchell has allowed his job take precedence over spending time with his teen-age son thus alienating him slowly, almost losing the most precious relationship with his son. Tragedy causes him to take a closer look at his family and his role he should be playing. The men make a vow to change and put their family first. Not only do they make a vow to God but also they hold each other accountable to be the men they should be within the family unit.

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Alex Kendrick plays Adam Mitchell, the main character of the movie. Renee Jewell plays his wife Victoria Mitchell. Rusty Martin Jr. plays Dylan Mitchell, the young son who only longs for a relationship with his father. Ken Bevel plays Nathan Hayes who addressed his issues of his now deceased father who was absent in his life. Eleanor Brown plays Nathans wife, Kayla Hayes. Robert Amaya plays Javier Martinez, a colorful character that will leave you laughing and cheering him on throughout the movie. His wife is Angelita Nelson who plays Carmen Martinez, a stay at home mom who home schools their children. Kevin Downs plays Shane Fuller, the young father who walked away from his young daughter. Ben Davies plays David Thomson, a divorced dad who makes some life changing decisions that causes the downfall of his career and family.

This movie will leave you with many thoughts and will cause a stirring in your heart to be a better father. In my opinion, the main theme of this movie is that every situation has a possibility of being restored, if one is willing to try. Forgiveness and courage are two words that come to mind as I watched this movie. For without these two things, restoration of family may not reach its full potential.