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Maybelline Mascara – Sky High Curves or Define-A-Lash?

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If your someone who loves and wears make-up, what is the one item you couldn’t live without? The one item that you would not walk out of the house without wearing? For me, it’s mascara. It makes your eyes standout. My Mom always said, ” A lady doesn’t leave the house without lipstick on.” I always say, ” I have to put my ‘eyes’ on, and that mean mascara.

The first thing I see when I meet someone is their eyes, so lipstick comes second in the world of make-up for me.

I grew up with Maybelline. My older sisters wore Great Lash. I wore Great Lash. Who doesn’t recognize the familiar green and pink tube of mascara? It’s an old favorite, and magazine beauty editors still rave how great it is. It is great, However there are many other products out today. I’ve tried many. I won’t lie and said I’ve tried them all, I haven’t. But, I always come back to Maybelline.

Several years ago, Maybelline came out with Sky High Curves. I was a victim of their advertising and tried it. It offered something new – the promise to curve my lashes. I never did like using that awkward eyelash curler, so this might be easier.
Sky High Curves, didn’t really curve my lashes. What it did do was give me the look I was trying to achieve by using mascara. I was going for the “false eyelash” look. I was looking for my eyes to really stand-out. Curling, wasn’t really needed, just the right mascara. I have been very happy with Sky High Curves, It doesn’t curl my lashes much, but it does give me the most dramatic mascara coverage I have ever found.

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So, here I am happy with my mascara, AND now Maybelline comes out with something new. Once again, I become a victim of advertising. This time, it’s Define-A-Lash. Define-A-Lash is marketed just for someone like me, a make-up junkie. It’s main focus was it’s different brush. It was so special and different that they originally packaged the mascara with the brush outside the tube, to show it. It was a bright green rubbery looking brush. It did look different. It did look like it might be special. It did look like, I could achieve even more dramatic lashes with this new product.

Define- A-Lash was a major disappointment for me. The special brush was horrible. It is rubbery. I guess Maybelline is saying it’s ‘flexible’, which is suppose to make applying it special and more efficient? I found that brush awkward and harder to apply the mascara. The over-all result I achieved was skimpy looking lashes, and it took along time to try to achieve that effect.

Both, Sky High Curves and Define-A-Lash have claims for how they should work.

Neither mascara in my opinion lives up to their claims. Sky High Curves does not curve your lashes to the sky. Define-A-Lash does not define your lashes with ‘definition’ and ‘length’. The real deal is Sky High Curves gives you a product, from the same company, that gives me full looking lashes.
I have been asked on more than one occasion if I’m wearing false eyelashes.

Both products retail in major drugstores for under $8, and are often on sale. Personally, I always wait for a sale and get it half price. Why not?

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I know some people say some mascara feels ‘crunchy’ . I think most mascaras have this element. This has never been an issue with me, because it very rare that I actually touch my eyelashes. I’m going for LOOK. Hands down, Maybelline Sky High Curves wins. Maybelline Define-A-Lash won’t last long in their extensive line of mascaras. It is all about the brush, and that is what I mainly found to be it’s downfall. I don’t think this rubber brush can hold enough of the mascara on it. Mascara brushes need bristles, not rubber. If the brush can’t hold the product your are trying to apply, well – it’s a waste of time.