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Maternity Jeans for All Stages of Pregnancy

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Deciding which maternity jeans to buy and when to wear them can be confusing to any soon-to-be mother.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when choosing maternity wear! Read on to find out what you need in your maternity jeans.

Maternity Jeans At The Beginning of Pregnancy

When your baby bump is just starting to show, you are better off extending the jeans you already have. You can purchase an extender that buttons into your jeans or you can use a rubber band to create instant maternity clothes.

Be careful if you turn your normal jeans into maternity jeans with a rubber band. Rubber bands can break and leave you showing off your new maternity underwear!

Maternity Jeans When Your Pregnancy Is Showing

My favorite maternity jeans had elastic in the back and a regular zipper and button in the front. The elastic back gave me some give, but the button up front allowed me to wear shorter shirts that fell just below my waist.

This style of maternity jeans works really well when your jeans extender is getting tight but you aren’t quite large enough for full-blown maternity jeans.

Maternity Jeans When You Are Really Showing

Maternity jeans with a demi-panel offer more comfort while your waistline is continuing to expand. This panel replaces the normal button and zipper waistband.

The panel sits just below your stomach but the material fits tightly, so the maternity jeans won’t slip off. The cloth is stretchy enough that the jeans can grow with you for a while.

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Maternity Jeans When You Are a Couple of Months From Your Due Date

Pregnant women usually find a full panel to be the most comfortable option in the last couple of months. Maternity jeans with a full panel won’t accidentally slip off because the elastic goes up over your pregnant stomach.

Maternity jeans with elastic in the back or with a demi-panel won’t allow enough room for most women as their pregnancy progresses.

Maternity Jeans When You Are At Your Due Date and Beyond

A couple of weeks before giving birth to my baby, I found my maternity jeans were becoming uncomfortably tight. Before this, I had never had the joy of an elastic waistband cutting me in half.

At that point, I was wearing maternity jeans with a full front panel. I didn’t want to buy any larger maternity jeans because I knew I was at the end of my pregnancy and this would be my last baby.

In a fit of hormone driven frustration, I grabbed the elastic and pulled until I heard it ripping a little. It actually worked great! If you try this, I suggest you pull the elastic on the sides instead of in the middle. This will help keep your maternity jeans up while allowing a little extra breathing room.

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