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Losing Weight with the Enzyme Diet


The Enzyme diet is a diet that claims the addition of additional enzymes to your regular diet aids your body in raising its metabolic rate, and basically handles the functioning of your body. The Enzyme diet, in short, aids the digestion of food by your body, but is not used up by being digested. To put it in layman terms, you body apparently is lacking certain enzymes, and that by your consuming these enzymes through the Enzyme diet, you will then encourage your body to burn excess weight.

Not as many doctors or health care practitioners are as enthusiastic about the Enzyme diet as those that are advertising it. Research and doctors both have stated that your body lacks no enzymes and that if it did, it would be a medical condition that would need treatment, not merely the Enzyme diet for weight loss. The Enzyme diet is no contender for basic common sense when compared to proper eating habits and daily exercise which our bodies need.

The website for the Enzyme diet gives ample information concerning their beliefs and practices as far as what they expect to take place while engaging in the Enzyme diet. Their belief is that our bodies lack certain enzymes that assist in digesting the food we consume, and by including the Enzyme diet, we are thus enabling ourselves to regulate our bodies the way they were intended to work and burn weight rapidly.

Oddly enough, the Enzyme diet is used in poultry. The enzymes are added in certain amounts to specified weights of chicken (and other poultry), grain based feeds. The addition of the Enzyme diet was meticulously studied and recorded, and showed a definite growth increase in some birds as opposed to others. It makes a person think, if an Enzyme diet can be used in chickens, should a human use the Enzyme diet themselves?

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There are a couple of positives about the Enzyme diet, the first one being the fact that the shakes that are required, and the ingredients are a rich source of amino acids, which are healthy and necessary to complete a good diet. The other pro is the vitamin C content in the Enzyme diet. The Enzyme diet shakes also include high amounts of vitamin C which, of course, is highly influential in keeping healthy and helping your body fight sickness by boosting your immune system.

Some of the cons are as follows: the Enzyme diet is extremely expensive; it has no valid clinical studies or research to support their theories. Although they make multiple claims, they have no tried and true factual findings to support the alleged success of their diet idea. While the Enzyme diet is strictly controlled, and calls for exact amounts of ingredients in somewhat difficult to make shakes, there has been no proof of any noticeable metabolic raise or the suppression of any appetite.

The Enzyme diet is strictly theoretical at this point, but as with any other diet; you may need to try it for yourself to determine the validity of it all.