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Laptop Computer vs. Desktop Computer

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We know that laptop computers generally cost more than desktop computer does. Laptop computers has its advantages and disadvantages though. Desktop computer has its advantages too. Now we have to think about the main reason why we need a computer. We need to figure out what we would use a computer for mostly either business or personal and perhaps both.

Advantages of a Desktop Computer

So if you want to use a computer for personal use than the desktop computer is a great one to have at home. Desktop computers do have more power than a laptop computer does. The desktop computer has bigger monitors. The desktop computer has more comfortable keyboards with it. The desktop computer has a nice mouse with it. A desktop has more nifty parts and features in it than a laptop computer can. A desktop computer doesn’t get stolen very much compared to a laptop computer.

Disadvantages of a Desktop Computer

The desktop computer is very complicated with many cords to have to deal with. A desktop isn’t very portable. The desktop computer is hard to move from room to room. The desktop computer is big and bulky. The desktop computer takes up more space on a desk and more space in a room than a laptop computer does. A desktop computer is more difficult to move around. You have to save files to CD more to transfer them from one computer to another since you can’t take your desktop computer with you very easy.

Advantages of a Laptop Computer

The laptop computer is more portable. You can take a laptop with you every day on vacations and many other places. You can use a laptop computer with a battery if you forget the power cord. You don’t have to worry about power since you can run it on a battery for a little while. You can complete your work documents on your laptop computer no matter where you are at. A laptop computer makes it so that you don’t have to transfer files to another computer as much cause you already have all of your files already on your laptop computer. A laptop computer makes personal and work much more easier. A laptop computer is worth the expensive price tag because it enables you to get more work completed quickly and easier. It does help to reduce stress. Laptop computers enables you to check your email quickly during the day and night without having to go to the desktop computer. The laptop computer only has one power cord and it doesn’t have a ton of cords to deal with.

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Disadvantages of Laptop Computer

Laptop computers don’t have as much power as a desktop computer does. The laptop computer doesn’t have as many nifty features as desktop computer does. The laptop computer isn’t as easy to upgrade as a desktop computer is. A laptop computer often does get stolen more easy than a desktop computer does. A laptop computer is more difficult to fix than a desktop computer cause everything is compact tightly together inside.