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Instant Relief from Sunburn

It is Summer time and the heat is on. In some places, such as Texas, we have triple digit temperatures.

For many people the backyard pool, lake or beach is a place to cool down and try and get a nice golden tan. But we all know that getting a sunburn is often the result of too much fun in the sun and not realizing how long we have been basking. Some people of fair skin can burn as quickly as 30 minutes and within a few hours the burned parts of your skin will be incredibly painful, sore and hot to the touch.

At first, we look rather red and robust. Within a couple of days the redness dims to a browning color and we begin to look tan. However, as another few days creep by the top layer of your skin, having been thoroughly cooked by the son will need to shed so that fresh new cells beneath can renew and bring forth a new layer of skin. However, I have found that by following a few easy steps albeit obsessively and repeatedly can immerse and plump the damaged skin enough to keep it moist and not have the need to shed while taking away the pain of the burn.

The beginning of Summer time you will need three products to alleviate a sunburn and prevent peeling. You will need:

You can find all three of these items at most Kroger stores.
When a family member or yourself has been exposed to the sun and is painfully reddened to the likeness of a lobster, pour in 1 – 2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar to a tub of water. Soak in the tub and alleviate the hurt of the burn. Repeat as needed although you will smell like pickle it is well worth it. If you simply can not handle the feel of the water on your skin, you can skip this part. The next two following steps will be just as luxuriously wonderful.

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Your next step for amazing and immediate relief is to generously apply Noxema. It is thick and white and it does not absorb real fast. It may take awhile so you will need to be in a comfortable garment that allows you to apply this thickly. Repeat as necessary such as every few hours. You will feel instant relief.

To avoid peeling, generously apply Coconut Oil. I recommend Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil. Let the oil soak in and remain. Repeat as often as you can. I also mix it in with the Noxema. Once the pain of the burn is gone, I leave off the Noxema and apply Coconut oil. This allows my skin to turn tan rather than peel.

While I have not soaked in the Apple Cider Vinegar I have heard its a miracle cure. I have, however, and can testify to the instant relief of Noxema and the prevention of peeling by the use of Coconut oil.