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Inexpensive Tips to Decorate a Log Cabin Home

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Log cabin homes hark back to the rustic day of our American forebears. Pioneers constructed dwellings by hand using rough hewn woods and materials from nature. Log cabins are small houses made of logs. If daddy just made a log cabin from hand, either as a first of second home, it may need a little sprucing up. Simple interior design tips to add some touches of color and light to the log cabin. The wood brown walls and floors of a log cabin can make it look drab. Decorate the cabin with colorful accents to make it cheery.

Log cabins were built of logs by settlers in the New World. European settlers built home from the natural rich woods of the new land. The first log cabins in America were built in the 1600;s. Very few log cabin structure still exist from the Early American era, as the structures were not built to last hundred’s of years.

Original log cabins may be found in outdoor historical museums. Old World Wisconsin is an outdoor museum with buildings from the 1900’s which are furnished and decorated as log cabins would have been in the Early American era.

Log cabin homes built today differ from the original log cabins. Today’s cabins are more comfortable than the original cabins, with the advent of indoor plumbing, heat and electricity.

The log cabin home is a rustic home that offers shelter in the most natural of environments. Decorate the log cabin home simply, using natural materials to suit the rustic ambiance of the house.

Furnishing the Log Cabin

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Coordinate the furniture with the rough hewn look of the log cabin. Surfaces that are too sleek or modern will not coordinate well with the look of the cabin. A plain wooded table in the kitchen fits with the wood walls surrounding it. Choose a table that has a contrasting color wood. An oak table coated with varnish lightens the room. The surface is easy to keep clean, as it can be wiped off. You can purchase a wooden table at a garage sale and refinish it if needed. Get wooden chairs that match the table.

If you like garage sales, go bargain shopping. Older furniture suits the spirit of the log cabin.

Willow and Wicker Baskets

The pioneers and farmers that settled our land used baskets for storage. You can do the same. Place a basket on the table as a centerpiece. The basket can be filled with a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables for healthy snacks. Use large baskets as waste receptacles. Use baskets in the bathroom to store washcloths and hand towels.

Shelves in the Kitchen

Shelves that are displayed in the kitchen can display canisters filled with food and condiments. Use copper or ceramic canisters as colorful accents.

Pictures on the Wall

The hewn walls of the log cabin can be brightened up with pictures. Select light colored frames, or paint frames a bright color. Pictures of colorful flowers add brightness to the interior. Themes that go along with the log cabin include farm scenes, horses and wildlife. Colorful folk art also fits in well with the log cabin. Pick pictures with touches of the same color. For example, pictures with touches of red, placed as accents around the room, lend a coordinated effect.

Vases of Flowers or Pussy Willow

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Display vases of flowers cut from the garden, or branches of pussy willow branches in a basket. Bring the outdoors inside the log cabin. A display taken from nature can accent the log cabin. Dried flowers also look lovely in a vase or basket.

Wrought Iron Accessories

Use wrought Iron to accent the country look of the log home. Wrought iron can be used as towel racks, coat hooks and fireplace implements.

Towels and Linens

Add color with colorful towels and linens. Playful colors such as reds, greens, blues, yellows and oranges are colors that come from nature and fit with the natural surroundings of the log cabin.


Quilts are a natural covering that would have been used by settlers. If the sofa upholstery is tired, just place a colorful quilt over the sofa as a cover. Another quilt can be a great cover for the bed. Quilts can be purchased at a bedding store. If you know how to sew, you can make your own quilt. The settlers used old scraps of fabrics and old clothing cut into squares to make individual quilts.


Coordinated sets of dishes are always acceptable, but not necessary. Mismatched pieces of dishware and glassware can be combined for a casual, fun effect. You don’t need matching china in the log cabin. Use colorful mismatched plates, bowls and cups. Pick up dishes on sale or at garage sales. Have fun with a creative table setting. Do it boldly and it will look like you are making a design statement.

Table and Dresser Tops

A piece of lace or doily can be set on top of the worn surface of a wooden dresser or table. Pieces of white lace covers signs of wear and adds a bit of light to the room.

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Window Curtains

Add a feminine touch to the windows with ruffled cafe curtains. Choose white or light colored curtains to contrast with the dark wood that predominates the room. Colorful red and white checkered curtains also fit in well with the log cabin and add a touch of cheerful color.

Floor Covering

The original log cabins would have had dirt floors. Chances are that your log cabin will have a rough wooden floor. Cover the floors with rag rugs, which are colorful and practical.

Enjoy Decorating the Log Cabin

Decorating the log cabin is easy and fun to do. Use the materials around you creatively for an individual look. It is what the pioneers would have done.

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