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Inexpensive Beauty Secrets: Discount Chain Hair Salons Can Actually Be Good

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How often have we women gone to an expensive salon only to come out disappointed? Perhaps you’ve only had good experiences. Either way, perhaps you don’t know or just never give a thought to the quality of hair care you can get in the much less expensive salons. Yes, I said “quality”.

I’ll tell you my story which is not unlike many others I’ve heard. I went to an expensive salon for a haircut. It seemed as if my hair was being chopped up by Edward Scissorhands, then one side was shorter than the other when this stylist was finished. After I told him this, he cut some more but that side was still slightly shorter than the other and though I noticed this then and there, I felt, as many of us often do, intimidated in the presence of this stylist king, so when he said it was fine now, I just got up and left and paid

I felt I had to do something so, being left with little money now, I went into a Fantastic Sam’s where a stylist evened out my length perfectly and when I decided I’d try out her skills again, I got the best haircut I’d ever had in my life.

As she explained to me, the amount stylists are paid depends upon the school they attended but their ability depends on a lot of factors, too-how often they attend beauty conferences or conventions and keep up with the latest developments in their field. Of course it depends on the stylist’s personality to some extent, too-his or her willingness toward personal attention which a high bill does not ensure.

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There is, of course, no guarantee that a chain such as Fantastic Sam’s or some other inexpensive salon will deliver the goods as well or better than the high-priced ones, but really, there is a good chance of that. I say to any woman hesitant to try them that they are truly worth a try.

On a related note, we are being duped out of our funds a lot with so many expensive beauty products on the market today. I tried an expensive long-lasting lipstick with glossy wax sealer and it faded quickly whereas cheaper Outlast by Cover Girl sold n drug stores stays on and on. I could go on and on but I’ll end with just one other example. Unable one time to find my shade of brown eyeliner in any drug store, I did buy it for more money in Macy’s department store where the sales woman tried to sell me a tiny bottle of blue liquid at a high price for removing eye make-up. The easiest, cheapest and still the best way to remove any and all make-up is with a big old jar of cold cream! Good for your skin, too.

Don’t be intimidated and don’t be duped and then, you just might be able to buy that new pair of shoes you’ve had your well made-up eye on.