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Ideas for Decorating a Red Master Bedroom

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Red is the color of passion, and it enhances deep feelings of warmth and romance. It is an ideal primary accent color for the master bedroom, and it provides many exciting decorating opportunities. Consider these ideas for decorating a red master bedroom, and transform an unassuming space into a haven for romance and repose.

Consider Painting or Papering a Red Focal Wall in the Bedroom

When decorating a master bedroom in crimson, red walls are often too much, especially if the square footage is lacking. If the thought of too much red is too intimidating, opt for a crimson focal wall instead of bathing the walls in scarlet. Paint or paper a single wall in a shade of your choice, and use it as a backdrop for an impressive display.

Wall Décor Suggestions for the Master Bedroom

Decorating a focal wall is easy when a single piece is used as the center of a stunning display in the master bedroom. Consider choosing an oversized painting with red accents to match the style and theme of the master bedroom. Alternately, select a large work of exquisite wrought iron wall art. Wrought iron can include colorful accents. Look for something with gold or crimson highlights when decorating a scarlet master bedroom.

After decorating the center of the focal wall with a single impressive piece, select candle sconces to enhance the wall art along with fragrant red, white, or cream colored candles. Cinnamon, berry, linen, powder, and rich vanilla are all excellent choices for the master bedroom. The candles will enhance the master bedroom decorating scheme whether they are used for romantic candlelit nights, colorful accents, or aromatherapy.

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Bedding with Red, Black, and Gold Accents

Too much of the same color is overwhelming in any space, especially a bedroom. Consider choosing black or vanilla bedding with rich red and gold accents when decorating the master bedroom in shades of crimson. Do not overdo the amount of red within the master bedroom. Add a little more color without bathing the space in too much red. Decorate the bed with throw pillows in various shapes, textures, and sizes. They can make any bed appear rich and incredibly lavish for far less than the cost of specialty shams or a new headboard, even in the master bedroom.

Tabletop Décor Ideas for the Master Bedroom

A red master bedroom provides the ideal opportunity for decorating with floral arrangements. Consider decorating with an arrangement of high-quality faux or real red roses, baby’s breath, and lacy fern branches in a solid black vase. It will add dramatic appeal, life, and exquisite beauty to the master bedroom without costing a small fortune.

Tabletop sculptures are also ideal when decorating a red master bedroom. Consider selecting a sculptured metal piece in a theme of your choice. From contemporary creations to traditional works of art, sculptured metal is an affordable option.

These are just a handful of ways to begin decorating a red bedroom. Plan the decorating scheme around a major component such as a beautiful bedspread or a fine work of art. Take the accent colors from those pieces, and use them when decorating the space in other creative ways. The decorating options for the master bedroom are as limitless as the many shades of red that can be used to visually enhance the space.